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“Heroic Walk: Stranded Dog Gives Birth to 15 Puppies During Snowstorm”




The story of the abandoned dog who gives birth to 15 puppies is both heartbreaking and moving.

It’s hard to imagine how loose and pregnant the poor dog must have felt during the cold, but the fact that she gave birth to 15 Healthy puppies is simply incredible. She demonstrates the perseverance and strength of motherhood.

Meet Tiya, a group of rescuers found her left lobe dripping with pregnancy. Tiya was very friendly, she struggled with her huge belly. We can’t wait to see the day she gives birth to beautiful puppies.

“After 6 days at the vet clip, Tiya has had a bit of a tough fight with little sleep. She would say that she is in the opening phase, so she should not wait until we meet her puppies.”

At last! Tiya has given birth to 15 Healthy and vigorous puppies in less than 14 hours. 8 females (correct on first check) and 7 males (4 correct, 2 simple crows and 1 additional crow).

In terms of the journey ahead, it is clear that the dog and her puppies have a long way to go. The first 40 days are critical for puppies’ growth, so it is important that they receive proper care and attention.

It is also important that the mother dog receives the care and support she needs to recover from the trauma of being abandoned and giving birth in such difficult conditions.

If you or someone you know can offer this mother and her puppies a loving home, it could make all the difference in the world.

The journey ahead may be arduous, but with the right care and support, this family of dogs can live a happy and Healthy life.