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Getty Images launches an AI image generator to iStock




Getty Images has launched Generative AI by iStock, a cutting-edge tool utilizing NVIDIA Picasso for visual content creation.

Tailored with proprietary data from Getty Images' creative libraries, this AI guards against reproducing copyrighted elements, ensuring Businesses generate content with confidence. Moreover, every licensed visual comes with iStock's standard $10K USD legal coverage. Seamlessly integrating with iStock's extensive library, it provides myriad options for diverse marketing needs, such as print, social media, and online promotions.

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Customers can download and license generated visuals with legal indemnification at no additional cost, providing a cost-effective entry point for exploring generative AI in marketing efforts. Furthermore, iStock facilitates advanced generative AI features through APIs, allowing easy integration into creative applications and plugins for image modification.

Generative AI by iStock is now available for all iStock customers and supports over 75 languages. This comprehensive offering not only caters to the creative needs of Businesses but also underscores a commitment to legal safeguards and user-friendly integration, making it a valuable asset in the realm of visual content creation.