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Former Twitter engineers are building an AI-powered news reader




A team led by former Twitter engineers is creating a new platform to help people process news and information with AI. has entered its private beta stage this weekend, offering "multi-perspective” news reading experience that leverages AI to summarize the news, and aims to do so in a way that fairly compensates authors and publishers.

Founded last year by former Senior Director of Product Management at Twitter, Sara Beykpour, Particle aims to make it easy to keep up with news using AI.

"Sometimes it feels like headlines are all we have time for. We also want to understand more, but faster,” she wrote in an introduction to the startup on Threads. “We’re in the early stages of using AI to transform the way we interact with news.”

With Particle, news readers can get a quick, bulleted summary of the story, with information pulled from a variety of sources. According to Beykpour, readers can either use the summary to get up to speed or can choose to go deeper to “learn about how a story has unfolded over time.”

News sources will be pulled from all over the political spectrum including notable names like The New York Times and The Guardian. The AI summaries will however, not generate authentic and verified facts drawn from news articles, which can sometimes be inaccurate.

Interested users can sign-up to try its beta version here.