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Emma Stone’s Net Worth: Poor Things Salary, Endorsements and Properties




Emma Stone is a force to reckon with in Hollywood. Her charm and wit have captivated audiences for over a decade, but it’s her incredible range of roles that truly sets her apart. With two Oscar awards under her belt, Emma Stone is expected to see a rise in her net worth given that the demand for her movies would be high.

From the bubbly teen in Easy A (2010) to the determined dreamer in La La Land (2016), Emma Stone embodies her characters with a depth that transcends the screen. She can deliver comedic lines with perfect timing, then turn around and leave audiences heartbroken with a single tear. Whether it’s the vulnerability of a recovering addict in Birdman (2014) or the steely resolve of Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes (2017), Stone commits fully, making you believe every emotion.

Beyond her acting prowess, Stone possesses an undeniable charisma. She’s as comfortable cracking jokes on late-night shows as she is delivering powerful monologues. This relatability makes her characters all the more endearing.

Stone famously persuaded her parents to let her explore a career in acting by preparing a PowerPoint presentation titled ‘Project Hollywood.’ It worked and she left her hometown in Arizona for Los Angeles with her mother.

She made her acting debut with the TV show The New Partridge Family (2004). Three years later, she made her big screen debut with Superbad (2007) and has not looked back since.

Stone has proved that dedication and talent can do wonders in Hollywood. Her two Oscar awards, two BAFTAs and two Golden Globes stand as a testament to the unwavering commitment Emma Stone has to her craft.

In her personal life, Stone is married to American comedian, writer and director Dave McCary, with whom she has one daughter.

All about Emma Stone: Her Oscars, salary and net worth

Emma Stone’s 2 Oscars

emma stone net worth
Image credit: Yorgos Lanthimos/IMDb

Emma Stone won her first Oscar for La La Land, a film in which she co-starred with Ryan Gosling for a third time. The win was in the category of Best Actress. On 10 March 2024, she won her second Oscar, again for Best Actress, for Poor Things (2023).

The win made her only the 15th actress in the history of Academy Awards to have won at least two Best Actress awards. She joins a highly exclusive club, ruled by the late Katharine Hepburn who won four Oscars for Best Actress in her career.

Stone’s win for Poor Things is special because it was also just the second time she was nominated in the category. Of the 15 actresses, only Sally Field, Vivien Leigh, Luise Rainer, and Hilary Swank have won the award twice from as many nominations.

All eyes are now on Stone’s two upcoming films: Kinds of Kindness and Eddington.

The former is by Poor Things director and six-time Oscar nominee Yorgos Lanthimos. The latter is a contemporary Western starring a bevvy of acting powerhouses such as Joaquin Phoenix, Austin Butler, Pedro Pascal, Luke Grimes and Deirdre O’Connell among others.

As such, both are expected to add more awards to Stone’s bag following their release.

Emma Stone: Movies and their box office returns

Emma Stone Oscar
Image credit: Dale Robinette/IMDb

Ever since its premiere at the 80th Venice International Film Festival in 2023, where it won the prestigious Golden Lion, Poor Things has been the talk of the town among critics. Its worldwide gross is estimated at around USD 105 million, which might not appear huge by the box office standards of the highest-grossing movies of 2023 but is still significant for having been a hit given through its strategically planned release.

The film had a limited theatrical release in the US on 8 December 2023. According to Collider, the film opened in just nine US locations domestically before expanding to 80 theatres the next week and followed by 800 the next. It was only in its seventh week, during which it was nominated for 11 Oscars, that Poor Things was screened in 2,300 theatres across the US.

Poor Things is the 12th highest-grossing film in Stone’s career. Compared to it, La La Land, for which Stone received her first Oscar, is the fourth-highest-grossing film of her career.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) — USD 757 million

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) — USD 708 million

The Croods (2013) — USD 573 million

La La Land (2016) — USD 433.8 million

Cruella (2021) — USD 225.8 million

The Croods: A New Age (2020) — USD 214 million

The Help (2011) — USD 213 million

Superbad (2007) — USD 169.9 million

Friends with Benefits (2011) — USD 146.5 million

Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) — USD 146 million

Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) — USD 125 million

Poor Things (2023) — USD 105 million

Gangster Squad (2013) — USD 104 million

Birdman (2014) — USD 102.9 million

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) — USD 102.5 million

Zombieland (2009) — USD 102 million

What is the net worth of Emma Stone?

Emma Stone Spider-Man
Image credit: IMDb

Emma Stone has a net worth of around USD 28 million according to Popsugar. But celebrity wealth tracker Celebrity Net Worth estimates that her overall net worth is close to USD 40 million.

Forbes recognised her as the highest-paid actress of 2017, with pre-tax earnings of USD 26 million in their 12-month scoring period. The publication noted that her income for the year mostly came from the high box office earnings of La La Land.

It wasn’t the first time that Stone was listed by Forbes. She first appeared on the list in 2015 with annual earnings of USD 6.5 million.

But after topping the list in 2017, Stone dropped off the ranking the next year because she had not earned more than the USD 10 million cut-off for the year set by Forbes. She has not appeared on Forbes’ annual highest-paid actresses list since.

Part of the reason why she is not among the highest-grossing actors could be because of the box office revenue of most of her films starting from her cinematic debut with Superbad.

While Superbad was a moderate hit, most of Stone’s subsequent films for the next few years did not click with fans at the ticket counter. These include The House Bunny (2008) and Paper Man (2009), even though her performance was praised in each.

Then came Easy A (2010) and The Help (2011), and they made Stone the actor to watch out for. She earned her first Golden Globe nomination for the former and delivered a box office hit with the latter.

The following year, Stone found worldwide fame and fan recognition for playing Gwen Stacy in the superhero film The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). Its box office success boosted Stone’s earnings and her acting profile.

Two years later, she earned her first Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category for Birdman (2014). Stone has since become one of the biggest actors in Hollywood delivering critically acclaimed performances in movies that may not have done well financially, such as Irrational Man (2015), Battle of the Sexes (2017), The Favourite (2018) – which earned her a second Best Supporting Actress Oscar nod, and Cruella (2021) – with which she turned executive producer.

Technically, even Poor Things hasn’t proved to be as massive a box office earner as La La Land. However, some reports suggest that Stone earned around USD 22.5 million in salary for playing Bella Baxter in Poor Things.

Moreover, since EMMA Stone is the film’s producer, its earnings will certainly add to her net worth apart from the salary she has earned.

Louis Vuitton and Emma Stone

Emma Stone
Image credit: Louis Vuitton/@louisvuitton/Instagram

In October 2017, EMMA Stone was announced as the face of French luxury fashion giant Louis Vuitton.

At the time of signing, the deal was reportedly worth somewhere between USD 6 million to USD 10 million spread over a period of some years. While some reports say that the deal was for two years, others suggest it was for 3-5 years.

Depending on the period of the deal, Stone would have made somewhere around USD 2 million to USD 5 million per year.

Stone wore a mint green peplum gown by Louise Vuitton at the 96th Academy Awards on 10 March 2024, where she received her Oscar for Poor Things.

Details of her other endorsements are not available.

Real estate owned by Emma Stone

According to Celebrity Net Worth, EMMA Stone owns multiple properties in the US. Since Stone is known for being notoriously private, not much is known about most of her properties.

One of her earliest purchases is from 2016 when she spent USD 2.4 million to buy a condo in West Village, New York. Two years later, she bought a second condo, in the Financial District, for USD 3.6 million. Both of her New York addresses are reportedly still with her.

She bought two homes in Los Angeles in 2019. One of them was in Malibu, which cost her around USD 3.25 million at the time of purchase. It was designed like a ranch set on a cliff overlooking the Las Tunas Beach. According to Hello! magazine, it came with a glass-enclosed master bedroom.

Stone listed the property for sale in May 2022 for USD 4.2 million. Around two months later, in July 2022, she sold it for USD 200,000 more at USD 4.42 million.

Her other Los Angeles property was in Century City near Beverly Hills. The 1920s Spanish-style cottage on a property measuring 2,136 sq metres, cost her USD 2.3 million. It came with a swimming pool with a beautiful fountain and an ivy-covered garage. Details about the property came to light when she listed it for sale in January 2024 for just under USD 4 million. She eventually sold it in February 2024 for USD 4.3 million.

She also owned a different property in Beverly Hills for a long time, which she sold in 2019 for USD 3.9 million.

(Hero and Featured images: Michele K. Short/Netflix/IMDb)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Who is EMMA Stone’s husband?

Comedian, writer and director Dave McCary is Emma Stone’s husband.

– How many Oscars does Emma Stone have?

Emma Stone has won two Oscars, both in the Best Actress category — for La La Land in 2017 and Poor Things in 2024.

– Does Emma Stone have children?

Yes, Emma Stone has one daughter.

– How much does Emma Stone make a year?

Emma Stone’s annual salary is not known, but she earned USD 26 million in a single year in 2017 following the success of La La Land.