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Bitcoin Firm And UATX Join For $5 Million Endowment Fund




Bitcoin firm Unchained partnered with the University of Austin (UATX) to launch the first long-term endowment fund held in the flagship cryptocurrency. The partnership seeks to create a strong relationship between the firm and the university to benefit both communities.

First Long-Term Bitcoin Endowment Fund

On Thursday, Unchained and UATX announced their collaboration to launch an endowment fund. The partnership aims to raise $5 million for the fund, which would remain invested in Bitcoin (BTC) for at least five years.

The Bitcoin firm will offer a collaborative custody vault to store the endowment. Additionally, it will ensure the fund’s security and safeguard the BTC holdings, providing UATX “with a reliable and secure investment vehicle.”

According to the press release, Unchained’s co-founder and CEO, Joseph Kelly, kickstarted the initiative with a donation of 2 BTC, worth around $138,000. In an X post, Kelly expressed his excitement about uniting both communities with the collaboration.


Unchained's CEO announces collaboration with UATX. Source: Joshep Kelly on X

The partnership seeks to open the door for integrating BTC into higher education, hoping for more academic institutions to commit to “forward-thinking financial strategies.” Per the announcement:

By incorporating Bitcoin into its endowment, UATX is setting a precedent for other academic institutions to explore alternative and potentially more resilient financial models.

More Than A Financial Investment

Unchained stated that the collaboration is more than “just a financial investment” as it aims to “foster stronger ties between the university and the Bitcoin community.” To achieve this, the firm and UATX have planned several initiatives, including joint marketing campaigns, events, guest lectures, and debates.

In the press release, Unchained emphasized its desire to democratize access to financial tools and knowledge for students through the partnership, hoping to provide them with resources to “succeed in a rapidly changing world.”

For fundraising and community engagement, they are also planning a series of high-profile events and activities in Bitcoin Commons and other locations across the US. These events will seek to raise awareness, generate interest in potential donors, and open discussions.

Additionally, the collaboration hopes to build a community of passionate supporters about Bitcoin Education and its expansion. The partnership also hopes to shape the next generation of scholars and entrepreneurs:

By organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences, Unchained and UATX aim to create platforms for dialogue and collaboration, promoting a deeper understanding of Bitcoin’s potential and its impact on society. This approach seeks to inspire a generation of scholars and entrepreneurs who are equipped to navigate and shape the future of finance and technology.

The recently launched collaboration is not the first approach the academia has had with cryptocurrencies. As reported by Bitcoinist, Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration (HWZ) recently announced the first-of-its-kind Bitcoin course.

The course will explore the different facets of the flagship Cryptocurrency, including its economic impact on traditional finance, the complex regulatory landscape worldwide, the technical aspects of blockchain Technology, and more.

Ultimately, these efforts could lay the foundations for broader adoption and endorsement of Bitcoin in the academic world, building a bridge between the traditional learning systems and the new financial landscape.


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