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‘Bigg Boss 16’ sensation Abdu Rozik to tie the knot




Dubai-based iNFLuencer and social media sensation Abdu Rozik is embarking on a new chapter in his life as he prepares to marry his Emirati sweetheart from Sharjah. The 20-year-old Rozik, who hails from Tajikistan, announced his forthcoming nuptials with 19-year-old Amira in an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times.

Expressing his excitement and gratitude for finding love amidst life's challenges, Rozik revealed that he met Amira at Dubai Mall's Cipriani Dolci back in February, sparking a romance that has culminated in their engagement. “I cannot imagine anything more precious than this love. I cannot wait to start my new journey in life,” he beamed.

He furthered on, “Everyday life is not easy for me and finding love seemed an even harder challenge as there are so many obstacles. But alhamdulillah, I’ve found Amira, and she loves me for who and what I am.”

The wedding, scheduled for July 7 at a discreet location in the UAE, was confirmed by Rozik's management company, the International Fighting Championship Management (IFCM). Describing it as a “love marriage,” the spokesperson for IFCM expressed, “Abdu Rozik is thrilled about it. We're all delighted for him and wish the couple the best.”

Relaying his joy, the Celebrity shared a video message on IG showing his engagement ring and wrote in the caption, “I never imagined in my life that I would be so lucky to find a love who respects me and is not burdened by the obstacles in my life. 7th of July, save the date! I cannot express to you in words how happy I am.”

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Rozik's journey from humble beginnings in Tajikistan to international stardom has captured the hearts of millions. Diagnosed with dwarfism as a child, the iNFLuencer began his ascent to fame by busking at local bazaars, eventually amassing a colossal following on social media, particularly Instagram, where he boasts over 8.2 million followers.

His rise to prominence accelerated when he collaborated with Grammy-winning artist AR Rahman and renowned songwriter-producer RedOne. Rozik’s appearance on Bigg Boss 16, the Indian reality show franchise, further propelled him into the spotlight.

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