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Bandit Network’s Points SDK and Brave Ads Power Astar zkEVM’s Quest Platform “Yoki Origins”




[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 24th, 2024]

“Yoki Origins,” supported by Bandit Network and Brave Ads, introduces a gamified and rewarding experience for Astar zkEVM users, marking a significant milestone in Web3 adoption.

Bandit Network, a leading provider of White-Labelled Quest solutions with Points SDK, proudly announces its collaboration with Astar Network to power the ongoing “Yoki Origins” journey. Launched on March 8th, this innovative user onboarding journey coincides with the mainnet release of Astar zkEVM, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 infrastructure.

Astar zkEVM, leveraging Ethereum’s security and the Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit), offers a secure and scalable platform for Web3 projects and enterprises. As the inaugural zero-knowledge EVM chain, Astar zkEVM unlocks access to Ethereum’s extensive developer resources and industry-standard infrastructure providers.

Yoki Origins Capsule Machine or Yo-Port powered by Bandit Network.

The “Yoki Origins” journey, powered by Bandit Network’s White-Labelled Quest solutions with Points SDK promoted by Brave Ads, introduces users to the world of Astar zkEVM through interactive experiences inspired by Japanese Yokais. Participants engage with Capsule Machines, or “Yo-Ports,” to collect Yokis and artistic creations, fostering engagement and loyalty within the Astar ecosystem.

“Bandit Network is thrilled to collaborate with Astar Network on the ‘Yoki Origins’ journey,” said Sandesh B Suvarna, Founder of Bandit Network. “Our White-Labelled Quest solutions with Points SDK, along with promotion through Brave, provide a seamless and engaging experience for users, allowing them to immerse themselves in the Astar ecosystem while celebrating Japanese culture and heritage.”

Maarten Henskens, Head of Astar Network, commented, “Bandit Network’s platform with Brave Ads has been instrumental in bringing the ‘Yoki Origins’ journey to life. This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering innovative and engaging experiences to our community as we continue to expand the capabilities of Astar zkEVM.”

Brave Ads for Yoki Origins powered by Bandit Network on Brave Browser.

Luke Mulks, VP of Business Operations at Brave, highlights the integral role of Bandit Network’s solutions in partnership with Brave Ads, “We’re excited for Brave Ads to be collaborating with Bandit Network’s White-Labelled Quest solutions to bring awareness and growth for the Astar ecosystem. With collaborations like ‘Yoki Origins’, Brave Ads demonstrates the ability to use Quests as a growth accelerator.

Brave Ads campaigns will elevate Quests beyond airdrop farmers, introducing Quests to millions of Brave Rewards users. In addition to earning BAT with their attention, Brave Rewards users will now be able to earn even more by participating in Quests through Astar and other participating Bandit Network partners advertising with Brave Ads.”

Brave offers Web3 promotional opportunities through Brave Ads for advertisers that pay with BAT for their campaigns, facilitating growth and adoption within the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Yoki Origins – Japan Airlines Hakuhodo Yo-Port powered by Bandit Network.

The “Yoki Origins” journey invites users to explore Astar zkEVM’s unique characters, participate in quests, and collect digital collectibles. Through interactive Capsule Machines, participants can obtain Yokis and artistic creations contributed by various artists, enterprises, and builders. The user journey aims to foster accessibility for individuals unfamiliar with Web3, incorporating social logins and credit card payments.

Astar Network serves as a conduit for projects spanning enterprise, Entertainment, and gaming to enter the Japanese market and beyond. By propelling global adoption of Web3, Astar aims to build an ecosystem fueled by both Polkadot and Polygon, positioning itself as a leading blockchain for the Japanese market.

For more information about Bandit Network and the “Yoki Origins” journey, visit

About Bandit Network:

Bandit Network is a leading provider of White-Labelled Quest solutions with Points SDK, offering a no-code platform for engaging and interactive experiences. With a focus on fostering user engagement and loyalty, Bandit Network empowers organisations to create immersive campaigns and events across various industries.


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