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Aww The 6m long crocodile rushed up to grab the bait, making tourists scream




Tourists eagerly recorded images of the world’s longest crocodile Dominator jumping on the surface of the Adelaide River, Australia, just a few meters from the boat.

Dominator is one of the longest saltwater crocodiles in the world, with a length of up to 6.1 m. Living on the Adelaide River, an area with the highest concentration of crocodiles in Australia, the Dominator crocodile attracts many tourists thanks to its massive body, according to Caters News Agency.

Rhys Crowley, 25 years old, is one of the people who captured the heart-stopping moment of tourists on a crocodile “fishing” tour. He shared: “We were only there for about 10 minutes before the animal jumped up. You can see how close it is to our boat. Everyone was shocked and screaming loudly, afraid that the animal would easily jump onto the boat.”

ca-sau-dai-6m-lao-len-dop-moi-khien-du-khach-la-hetThe Dominator crocodile is considered the star of the Adelaide River. Photo: Caters News Agency.

Rhys commented that the animal looked fierce but in reality, it was very calm. Dominator just watched the tourists, coming forward as if to say hello to them.

Cá sấu dài 6 m lao lên đớp mồi, du khách la hét

Australia is a land with many crocodiles in the world. Many tourist accidents related to crocodiles have been recorded. In October, a 36-year-old male tourist had an accident while swimming at the foot of Wangi Falls, in Litchfield National Park, northern Australia. His injured finger required two stitches, and his torn leg required eight staples.

The 6m long crocodile rushed up to grab the bait, making tourists scream

Crocodile “fishing” tour. Source: YouTube.