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Amanda Bynes says she gained over 20 pounds while depressed, shares dramatic weight-loss goals




Amanda Bynes is ready for a fresh start.

The “Easy A” star shared on her Instagram Story Thursday that she has been suffering from depression, which has caused her to gain weight, but fortunately is “doing a lot better” now and ready to get back in shape.

“I’ve gained over 20lbs in the past few months from being depressed,” she wrote. “I’m doing a lot better now and have learned to do opposite action when I don’t feel like working out or eating clean.”

amanda bynes walking
She’s hoping to lose more than 50 pounds.
amanda bynes
She said she currently weights 162 pounds but wants to drop to 110. FilmMagic

Bynes, 37, said she currently weights 162 pounds but wants to shrink down to 110 pounds.

The “Amanda Show” alum previously admitted she had “abused” Adderall, a medication primarily used to treat focus issues, to maintain a certain weight.

“They were talking about how women were taking it to stay thin. I was like, ‘Well, I have to get my hands on that,'” she told Paper magazine in 2018, adding that she obtained a prescription after visiting “a psychiatrist and faking the symptoms of ADD.”

screenshot of amanda bynes' instagram story
She added that she’s doing “a lot better now.” amandaamandaamanda1986/Instagram
amanda bynes mirror selfie
Bynes previously revealed to Paper magazine that she became addicted to Adderall to maintain her weight. Amanda Bynes/Instagram

Bynes recalled how she “used to chew the Adderall tablets” in her trailer while filming 2010’s “Hall Pass,” which caused her to become too “scatterbrained” to memorize her lines.

She ultimately dropped out of the film because of her addiction.

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“I made a bunch of mistakes but I wasn’t fired. I did leave… it was definitely completely unprofessional of me to walk off and leave them stranded when they’d spent so much money on a set and crew and camera equipment and everything,” she shared.

amanda bynes in a tube top and jeans
“They were talking about how women were taking it to stay thin,” she said in 2018. “I was like, ‘Well, I have to get my hands on that.'” Getty Images
amanda bynes walking to a car
She eventually sobered up but has been in and out of psychiatric facilities to treat her mental health. Snorlax / MEGA

The former Nickelodeon star has been in and out of treatment centers for her mental health and was placed on a psychiatric hold last year after being found walking naked around Los Angeles. She remained in the facility for a few weeks before being released.

A couple of months later, authorities placed Bynes on another psychiatric hold after she was detained by police. Although she spent a couple of weeks there, she was ultimately released and then checked back in on her own volition.

Since living on her own again, Bynes, whose eight-year conservatorship ended in 2022, has been playing with her appearance and even admitted to having cosmetic surgery on her eyelids to boost her self-confidence. She also briefly dyed her hair black before returning to platinum blond.