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Aldi customer’s warning about exploding candle from the popular grocery store




An ALDI customer has warned others to be careful when burning candles after hers exploded.

The woman shared a photo of her shattered Purewick Lychee and Pomegranate scented candle in a Facebook group for ALDI lovers.

“Don’t let your candles burn too far down, I guess,” she captioned the photo.

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Many ALDI fans echoed this warning in the comment section, saying no candle should be burned for too long or too low.

“All candles can do this,” one person said. “That’s why you don’t leave them unattended and don’t burn them all the way.”

“You should never allow it to burn that far down,” another observer warned. “It usually has a sticker on the bottom stating this.”

“People need to read the warning labels,” someone else said. “This can happen to any candle.”