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A huge UFO hovered over the moon and dropped something




Within a few days, a cryptic video appears online. Showing what looks like a UFO flying over the lunar surface. An unidentified object at some point hovered over the moon and “dropped” something onto the surface of the moon.

Ufologists note that the video that appeared on YouTube could actually represent a documented fact. Interactions of a huge UFO with an unknown object on the territory of the Earth’s satellite.

This is not the first video showing an unidentified flying object near the moon.

The increased attention to this video is due to the fact that the probe drops a rather large object onto the surface of a celestial body. A UFO hovers over an area called the Sea of Cold. And in size comparable to the well-known crater Aristarchus. The diameter of which is 40 kilometers. Thus, the dimensions of the unidentified flying object are the same as the dimensions of the crater.

As noted above, UFOs over the Moon were observed very often. And almost always, as a rule, UFOs move along an orbital trajectory:

It looks like an airplane and hovers motionless relative to the moon. But at the same time it rotates around its own axis. Ufologists have come to the conclusion that, most likely, gravity does not act on the spacecraft. Therefore, there is no need to maintain space velocity.

Project Aurora, TR3B?
In addition, the “spaceship” makes a kind of fast and free movement. Characteristic of unidentified “triangular” objects observed on Earth, presumably belonging to the US Military. Perhaps this is already known to all TR3B?

Based on this, one might think that both types of aircraft fly on the same principle. Most likely, the “triangles” are copied from those objects that we see on the Moon:

It is not clear what brought the UFO to the surface of the moon. Since the video clearly shows that some kind of cargo “fell” on the surface of the Earth’s satellite. Perhaps this mystery will be solved in the future, when the astronauts will be able to explore the area. The exact coordinates over which the spacecraft hovered were established by video.

Is there an “alien base” on the moon? More and more people are telling stories that can prove it to be true. Rumor has it that there is an alien base on the far side of the Moon that we never see from Earth. Perhaps this mystery will be solved in the future, when astronauts can explore the area.

Fake video or reality? What do you think about this?