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Witness the incredible transformation of a once wounded stray now blossomed into a picture of beauty beyond imagination. Healing is truly magical.




Skye was picked up off the streets as a stray in Palm Valley, Texas, and every bit looked the part. The one-year-old Husky mix was covered in mange and had lost most of her fur.

The poor dog was emaciated and suffering from a tick-borne disease. She was picked up by animal control officers and taken to the local shelter where she was immediately placed on the euthanasia list.

This shelter was the highest kill-shelter in the country. Dogs there with medical issues are euthanized right away because the shelter doesn’t have the means or space to treat them.

But the shelter staff wanted to do everything they could to try and help. So they contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to see if they’d take her.

Rescue Dogs Rock knew they had to pull Skye right away, because if they didn’t, she’d die. So they went and got her that same day and took her to a vet.

Skye then went into boarding while the team members looked into potential foster homes for her.

Skye first went to a foster home in Texas where she stayed for a few weeks to recover. Then she was off to another foster home in New York, and this would be her final stop.

Within the first day of having Skye, the woman decided to be her forever mom! 🙂

The woman has little kids and some smaller dogs, and Skye fit in perfectly!

It was just meant to be.

And Skye looks so different now.

All of her fur grew back into a thick, white coat. And the Husky mix is always smiling! 🙂

Before and after photos were posted to the Rescue Dogs Rock Facebook page to show off the dog’s amazing transformation.

No one could’ve imagined she’d end up so beautiful.

The stray was on death’s door just needing a second chance at life.

And thankfully, someone was willing to give that to her.

Skye is now Healthy and living the most amazing life! And it’s all thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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