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Why ‘Perfect Match’ star Jessica Vestal is considering removing her breast implants



Jessica Vestal posing in a bikini
“Perfect Match” star Jessica Vestal is considering removing her breast implants. Instagram

Jessica Vestal might be going under the knife again.

While answering a few questions from fans on her Instagram Stories, the “Perfect Match” star revealed why she opted for a breast augmentation after the birth of her now-11-year-old daughter, Autumn.

“I really wanted to get back what I had before having a baby. I nursed Autumn, so that changed my chest situation in a way I wasn’t happy with. It was giving very National Geographic,” she said.

Jessica Vestal posing for a photo
Vestal had a breast augmentation after giving birth to her daughter, Autumn. GREG GAYNE/NETFLIX
Jessica Vestal posing in a bikini
However, she’s since found that working out can be “uncomfortable.”

But Vestal, 30, said her implants make some workouts “uncomfortable,” making her reconsider the decision.

“I have considered getting them removed for reasons like this, but haven’t decided yet! I’ve also never experienced breast implant-related illness, but I know a lot of women do. So just do your research!” she advised her followers.

Vestal assured fans that she will keep them up to date on her decision, because she doesn’t want to “hide” what she’s had done.

Jessica Vestal talking
“I have considered getting them removed for reasons like this but haven’t decided yet!” she told her Instagram followers. COURTESY OF NETFLIX
Jessica Vestal posing for a photo
The “Love Is Blind” alum assured her followers she wouldn’t “hide” anything from them. Getty Images

“If you’re considering the procedure bc it’s something YOU want and not bc of the influence of other peoples [sic] opinions of you, and you think it will help you feel more comfortable in your skin.. do it girl!!” she wrote.

The former “Love Is Blind” star wouldn’t be the first Celebrity to remove her implants.

Tamra Judge of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” has been open about the challenges she’s faced with her breast implants, and had them removed for a second time in July 2021 after they caused thyroid issues, swollen joints and fatigue.

A mirror selfie of Tamra Judge
Vestal would join a number of other celebrities –– including Tamra Judge, pictured here –– who have removed their implants. TamraJudge/Instagram
Blac Chyna posing for a photo
Blac Chyna recently had her breast implants and facial fillers removed. Instagram/@blacchyna

More recently, Blac Chyna opted to swap out her implants for a smaller set, as well as dissolve her facial fillers and remove her silicone butt injections.

“So, earlier this year, I was like, ‘You know what, I wanna take out my boobs. I’m over it. I’m kinda tired of the fake look; they’re too big for my body, too big for my frame and it just doesn’t fit me as a person anymore,’” she shared in a December 2023 Instagram video.

Stevie Nicks, Danica Patrick, Yolanda Hadid, Michelle Visage, Crystal Hefner and Sharon Osbourne are among the other celebrities who have spoken out about getting their implants removed for health-related reasons.