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What happened to Michelle Wie? Why did she retire from professional golf?




Michelle Wie West is one of women’s sports pioneering figures and has always looked to set an example to aspiring talents.

At the age of 15, Wie signed a 4-year $20M deal with Nike and proceeded to break into the world of pro-golf at the age of 16. Wie followed her mother’s steps into the golfing world and embarked on a hugely successful career winning one US Women’s Open (in 2014) along with four other high profile LPGA Tour wins between 2009 and 2018.

Wie married Golden State Warriors Director of Basketball Operations Jonnie West in 2019 with their daughter Makenna currently four-years-old.

In the latter years of her professional career, Wie West became a prominent voice for equality for female athletes in Golf but in other Sports ’s focus has been less on Golf and more on advocacy for women and women’s athletics and has been involved in groups like the Nike Athlete Think Tank and angel-investing in female-owned Golf companies like Sports Box AI, making it her mission to drive value for female Sports, both in and out of Golf.

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Motherhood and the wear and tear of the tour coupled with stubborn injuries all contributed to her decision to call time on his career as a golfer with the 2023 US Open at Pebble Beach in California her last tournament with “Big Wiesy” getting a standing ovation as she putted out at the 18th hole.

“I’m really glad I got that experience,” Wie West reflects now. “But honestly, being home with my daughter more — it’s priceless. I don’t regret it. “I still love the Game of Golf but I really think I made the right decision and it’s just amazing being a mom.”