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Vimeo's new AI script generator helps you write marketing fillers




Vimeo has been working with AI to introduce user-friendly tools for video making and editing.

Its new AI script generator, powered by OpenAI tech, can “create a fully produced video in minutes". 

The tool can perform various tasks, “from quickly creating highlight reels to hosting virtual events or company meetings to exporting quote clips for short marketing videos.”

Vimeo's new AI tech has a script generator, a teleprompter and a text-based video editor.

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The script generator can generate scripts “based on a brief description and key inputs like tone and length," while the text-based video editor can identify “filler words, long pauses, and awkward moments" and lets you remove them with a single click.card-img

Moreover, the teleprompter has a script display that can be customised with different font sizes and pacing.

Vimeo's Chief Product Officer Ashraf Alkarmi believes the tools can be used to create highlight reels, host virtual events or company meetings and export quote clips for short marketing videos.

“Despite being the most effective way to communicate powerful messages, video production inherently creates a barrier to this preferred communication channel,” Alkarmi told TechCrunch. “Our latest AI-powered workflow reduces those barriers, giving any creator the confidence to actually create videos in one take.”

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AI knowledge has become a "prerequisite, not a luxury, to video production" and going forward, Vimeo intends to keep investing in AI for better video editing tools.

The AI tools are now available and users with premium subscriptions, including their Standard Plan, will be able to access them here.

The company also introduced a one-take video shoot feature that can be accessed by everyone and allows for smooth video production.