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US Navy destroyer in Red Sea shoots down cruise missiles potentially headed toward Israel: Pentagon



It's said the Iranian-backed Houthis' missiles were not aimed at the ship.

The USS Carney, a Navy destroyer in the Red Sea, on Thursday shot down multiple missiles launched by Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen that the Pentagon said were potentially headed toward targets in Israel.

PHOTO: The USS Carney is pictured Aug 11, 2020.
The USS Carney is pictured Aug 11, 2020.
Business Wire/AP, FILE

The ship intercepted three land attack cruise missiles and about eight drones, Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said at a press briefing.

The preliminary U.S. assessment was that the USS Carney was not the target of any of the Houthi missiles or drones.

Information about the engagements was still being processed, Ryder said. "We cannot say for certain what these missiles and drones were targeting but they were launched from Yemen heading north along the Red Sea potentially to targets in Israel.

It’s unclear from where the Houthi militia's missiles were fired but they were headed in a northerly direction, an official said.

The incident occurred during the early evening hours Thursday local time and the missiles were taken down over water, not land, the Pentagon said.

The missiles fired by the Houthis were engaged by SM2 missiles carried aboard the USS Carney, an official said.

No sailors aboard the ship were harmed, the official said.

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