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Twitter to limit number of DMs unverified users can send




Alienating users by the day, Twitter is yet again intending to make the platform less friendly to its users with a new policy that would limit the amount of messages unverified users can send in a day. The company claims the move is motivated by the sharp tick in spam messages on the social platform.

Just this month, Twitter added new Settings option for Messages which directed DMs from accounts people follow to their primary inbox and DMs from verified users they don't follow to their message request inbox. The platform says it noted a 70% reduction in spam messages after this new addition to Settings.

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The recent move seems more to be motivated to push unverified users towards paying for its premium Blue subscription rather than reducing spam messages. The announcement made on the website, explicitly told readers to "subscribe today to send more messages". Twitter has already put a limit on the number of tweets unverified users can see in a day, previously.