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To locate a replacement for the Polish navy’s aging fleet of Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite submarine hunting helicopters, the Polish Ministry of Defense has began a technical dialogue with defense contractors worldwide




Accordingly, the arms sales agency under the Ministry of Defense of Poland intends to buy from 4-8 new anti-submarine helicopters with a maximum take-off weight of 6,500kg and can be deployed from ships of all types. Navy such as OHP frigate, ORP Slazak coastal patrol boat… Besides, factors such as weapon systems, communications, self-defense capabilities, target identification… are also considered by Warsaw. .

Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite submarine hunting helicopter of the Polish Navy. Source: PGZ SW.

According to the news site Defense24, there are currently two European manufacturers that are likely to participate in the bidding, namely Airbus Helicopters with AS565 Panther helicopters and Leonardo Helicopters with AW159 Wildcat helicopters. AS565 Panther is a hunting version of the AS365 Dauphin helicopter, weighs about 4.5 tons, has a maximum speed of 306km/h and is equipped with MU90, A244-S torpedoes and AS-15 anti-ship missiles. . Meanwhile, the AW159 helicopter weighs 6 tons, has a maximum speed of 311km / h and can carry many modern sensors, radars and Sea Venom and Sting Ray torpedoes …

The Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite helicopter, developed by Kaman Aircraft, was first introduced in 1985. Although it has been discontinued since 1995 and has not been upgraded enough to meet the requirements of the war. Modern helicopters are still deployed and used by the armies of Poland, Egypt, Peru and New Zealand.

In addition to the Kaman SH-2G replacement program, the Polish Military is also making efforts to upgrade and modernize its other helicopter fleets. More than two weeks ago, the Eastern European country received four medium-sized transport helicopters S-70i Black Hawk built by Sikorsky (USA) to equip special forces.