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Threads engagement drops off post launch




Following the launch of Threads, Meta's Twitter counterpart has not been able to maintain its engagement rate.

As per reports, Threads had a record 100 million sign-ups in just five days after the launch. While the numbers were quite high, the platform has been witnessing slow growth.

While talking to CNBC, the Managing Director from Sensor Tower said, "The Threads launch really did 'break the internet,' or at least the Sensor Tower models. In the 10-plus years, Sensor Tower has been estimating app installs, the first 72 hours of Threads were truly in a class by itself."

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Sensor Tower data suggests that the platform's number of daily active users was down about 20% from Saturday, and the time spent by users was down by 50%.

A spokesperson from Similarweb added, "Some of the engagement Threads has enjoyed seems to have been siphoned straight from Twitter. In the first couple of days of peak Threads activity, last Thursday and Friday, Twitter web traffic was down about 5% from the same days of the previous week. These are admittedly very early indicators, but they do show Threads has the potential to steal significant usage away from Twitter, particularly as the Threads app team starts to fill in missing features like hashtags and topical search."