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This coding laptop just became a student laptop thanks to a huge $300-off deal




Best Buy's latest deals have seen the price of this powerful Dell laptop tumble down to just $699.99.

The best laptops for coders are powerful, yet portable, often with plenty of storage and RAM. On the other hand, when we look for the best student laptops, it's all about portability, a good keyboard, and great battery life, all on a budget.

Then a deal like this one from Best Buy comes along and blurs the lines, dropping what should be a coding laptop down into the realm of student pricing.

The retailer has cut $300 off of the MSRP of this Dell Inspiron 14-inch laptop, bringing the $999.99 machine down to $699.99.

Dell Inspiron 14: Was $999.99, now $699.99 on Best Buy

Dell Inspiron 14: Was $999.99, now $699.99 on Best Buy
Save $300 on this coding laptop that's now priced much closer to a student machine.

The Dell Inspiron 14.0 is packing a punch as far as its specs are concerned. For one, it's got a 13th-generation Intel Core i7 processor that, as Best Buy's site will tell you, is great for power users who multitask.

Pair that with 16GB of RAM and you'll be able to juggle plenty of demanding apps on that lovely 14-inch display. Speaking of the display, not only is the resolution 1920x1200, which is more than HD, but it's a touchscreen, too, making it ideal for navigating Windows 11 (which, coincidentally, is installed right from the jump).

The Intel Iris Xe graphics isn't anything to write home about, making this one to avoid for gamers, but it's still a perfect machine for getting work done, and the 1TB SSD is a nice bonus, too, considering how often you get just half of that in similarly-priced (and more expensive) laptops.

It's also packing a hard-to-find-these-days USB-A port, as well as USB-C for charging, and weighs just 3.48 pounds — light enough to be carried just about anywhere.