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The Enigma of the ‘Alaska Triangle’: Unraveling 20,000 Vanishing Souls Amidst UFO Encounters




Sightings of UFOs, ghosts and“aggressive” Bigfoot-type creatures have been reported in the so-called Alaska triangle – but the area is also known for a remarkable number of unexplained disappearances

A mysterious triangle of land in sparsely-populated Alaska offers more sightings of paranormal phenomena than almost any similarly-sized area on Earth.

As well as supposed sightings of triangle UFOs, ghosts and “aggressive” Bigfoot-type creatures, the “Alaska Triangle” is also known for a remarkable number of unexplained disappearances.

Thousands of People Have Mysteriously Disappeared in Alaska's Bermuda  Triangle | Travel and Exploration | Discovery

In fact, the History Channel says there are more unsolved missing persons cases in the region than anywhere else on Earth. A new Discovery Channel documentary interviews eyewitnesses of some of the most mysterious and compelling UFO sightings. One, Wes Smith, says the “very strange” triangular objects he saw didn’t move like any known aircraft.

The low-flying mystery craft were totally silent and did not even emitting the tell-tale hum of a drone. “It’s like everything you’ve ever been taught has gone out of the window, because how is that possible?” he asked.

Just over 11 miles from where Wes made his amazing sighting, another Alaska resident, Michael Dillon, caught his own mystery aircraft on camera. A light suddenly popped into existence in the night sky, moving from west to east, before shooting straight up – like the so called Nimitz UFOs – at incredible speed.

“It was very obvious to me that we were not witnessing a natural phenomenon,” Michael added. “For something to change direction at that speed… a human body would be liquified.”

But the mysteries of the Alaska Triangle are not confined to the skies. Since 1970, over 20,000 unexplained disappearances have been recorded in the sparsely-populated patch of land between Anchorage and Juneau in the south to Utqiagvik on the northern coast.

Considering the rugged area’s low population, that figure comes out at well over twice the national average for the US. The disappearances have been blamed on everything from UFO abductions, a flesh-eating Bigfoot-type creature called the Wendigo, and magnetic anomalies that interfere with hikers’ compasses.

Experienced rescue workers sent out to investigate the state’s numerous missing-person incidents have reported hearing phantom sounds, and becoming disorientated and light-headed due to some unknown feature of the desolate Alaskan wilderness.

Whether some unknown physical phenomenon is responsible for the lights in Alaska’s night sky remains a mystery. UFO expert Debbie Ziegelmeyer believes that Alaska is ”attractive” to alien visitors because it’s so sparsely populated.

“They can pretty much go where they want,” said Debbie, who is the Star Team Investigator for UFO research organisation MUFON. “That’s the attraction of Alaska.”

Rance Lentz, 41, took an interest in UFO research after an eerie alien experience when he was still a schoolboy. But a later career in the US Military gave him a fresh insight into the phenomenon.

“There are definitely more sightings when there’s heavy, heavy testing,” he said. “Folks on the tests see different lights… and different things off on the horizon.”

There are claims someone – or something – is attracted by the cutting-edge Military Technology on show. Some believe that US Military officials might know all about the UFO presence on their test ranges.

Hypnotherapist and paranormal researcher Jonny Enoch said there’s “clearly” something strange going on in the “Alaska Triangle”. He speculates that senior figures within the US Military are secretly in contact with whoever – or whatever – is piloting the mystery craft.

While aliens have been blamed for the disproportionate number of missing persons reports in the Alaska Triangle, some paranormal experts think there could be a quite different explanation.

Cryptozoologist Cliff Barackman says “anything, of any size,” could be hiding in the Alaskan wilderness. “With so much fantastic habitat and so few people to comPete with, Sasquatches basically have the run of Alaska”.

Attacks by the huge prehistoric man-beast have been offered as another reason why so many people go missing in Alaska. Of course, the inhospitable terrain, and the unpredictable weather, could be the simplest explanation.

But with so many of those people missing, never to be seen again, it’s undeniable that there is a mystery to be solved in the Alaska Triangle.