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Mysterious Encounter: Boomerang-Shaped Object Surpasses Sun on Nov 27, 2023, Raises Questions as Video Evidence Emerges




Date of sighting: Nov 27, 2023, 16:46:53Location of sighting: Earths SunSource:
I was looking at objects near the sun on Helioviewer. It’s a NASA program that is designed for the public and educators to share. I found that in a single frame of the video, there is a huge craft that measures 5,500km across from wing tip to wing tip.

Yes you heard me right, it’s long and it’s a boomerang type UAP shape. As it passes the sun it is unphased by the suns powerful gravity, showing no sign of bending. Also, the UAP seems to be pulling the suns material toward it and creating a stream behind the UAP, much like a ship moving through the ocean and living long lines in its wake from the plankton.

A similar shaped UFO was seen by thousands of residence in Phoenix, Arizona on March 13, 1997, where a huge boomerang UFO blocked out the stars in the sky for miles.
It’s hard to believe that this craft was caught in only one frame, that means it was Traveling faster than anything we have on Earth.

And I found that there was a ten minute per frame rate. This tells us that the UAP was Traveling very fast, not only faster than any rocket today, but faster than any comet or meteor ever recorded. It’s Traveling at partial light speed, about that of 1/10.

Which tells me that not only was it fast, but if object can come close to light speed, there must be those that can Travel faster than light speed, which is what makes time Travel possible.

The speed of the object, size and shape all indicate a massive alien ship passed our sun and was in our solar system on Nov 27th, but NASA of course would never mention it, because they believe the public is not intelligent enough to ever discover or find this info in their data bases. Clearly NASA needs to catch up to my speed, because they are falling far behind.