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Mainstream Media Delves into the Hypothetical Chaos of an Alien Invasion in the United States in 2023




The UFO topic is being taken frighteningly seriously in recent week by mainstream media outlets

Before this past week’s explosive testimony from whistleblower David Grusch about non-human recovered space craft from the American Government. Mainstream media outlets hardly ever took this topic seriously in any capacity. Other than that New York Times article about the released videos from the CIA, this conversation only took place amongst UFO enthusiasts but something is morphing before our very eyes.

The narrative has been picked up almost completely by the mainstream news media, not without their proper dose of skepticism. What should trouble the regular person is the angle or the approach that certain high authority publications have been putting out to their readers.

TikTok user claims he recorded the landing of the spaceship in Las Vegas

The New York Post just published an article about a study that was conducted in which they rank the American cities where a potential alien invasion wouldn’t be as deadly. Another article from The New York Times directly asks the question if the American Government wants the population to believe that alien life is real.

While some publications do communicate the facts and they don’t add their opinion to them, mainstream still keeps that stigma attached to the entire UFO topic. For them, taking it seriously becomes inevitable even if they are looking at credible testimony.

Unless you live under a rock, the American Government lying to its population has taken place for hundreds of years. Why wouldn’t they lie to us if they have been doing it forever? Whether this alien life story is true or not, chances are they are not being 100% truthful with the people and they are planning something big.

We have no idea what that may be but it’s sure interesting to see all mainstream media outlets covering this topic so much lately. Should we actually be invaded by an alien species, would they even care about humanity given how much we hurt the planet and ourselves?