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son.Jason Statham – Hollywood’s ‘stern-faced gentleman’ makes everyone wary.




With a cool and masculine appearance, the “transporter” has been the world’s top action star for more than a decade.

Jason Statham shows off his muscles and is admired by many people.

The role of “transporter” Frank Martin in the series The Transporter is the most prominent and characteristic character in Jason Statham’s career. He is an “anti-hero” with an ambiguous background, always keeping a cold face, good at action and willing to transport anything as long as he is paid a high price.

In most of the films Jason Statham has participated in since 1998, he often plays such characters. And without having to be a real hero, the British actor is enough to attract tens of millions of fans globally.

Born on July 26, 1967 in Derbyshire (England), Statham’s father was a salesman and his mother was a dancer. Since childhood, he has been interested in Sports, specifically martial arts (kicKBOxing and Karate), diving and Football. Thanks to regular daily training, Statham was selected for the UK diving team. At the 1990 Commonwealth Games, he represented England.

Jason Statham's cool style.

Jason Statham’s cool style.

With his growing reputation, Sports Promotions invited Jason Statham to model for the French Connection fashion brand with the reason “We want a model with a masculine appearance but not too much like a regular male model.” ”. From here, a truly life-changing opportunity came to Statham when he was noticed by director Guy Ritchie.

Madonna’s ex-husband was then casting the role of a street con artist for the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Statham’s face quickly convinced him. After hearing Statham confide about the time when he had to help his father sell fake jewelry, perfume… on the street, Ritchie decided to give Statham the role of Bacon. Released in 1998, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels quickly succeeded both artistically and commercially with its thrilling content and unique comedy style.

Jason Statham is associated with the image of "Transporter" in the film trilogy of the same name.

Two years later, Statham continued to participate in another of Ritchie’s projects, Snatch . This time, his co-stars also include international stars like Brad Pitt or Benicio del Toro. The role of the Turkish guy who organizes Boxing matches helped Statham really enter Hollywood, after Snatch became one of the highest rated films of 2000.