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Shakira Looks Stunning ~Whenever, Wherever~ But Is It Because She Had Plastic Surgery? See PH๏τos




Her hips don’t lie, and neither does she. Alongside her incredible vocals and impeccable dance moves, Shakira is known and loved for her everlasting beauty. The “Waka Waka” artist has revealed her workout and beauty routine throughout the years to share the secret to her stunning features, but have her good looks been enhanced by plastic surgery?

In 2009, Shakira talked about plastic surgery in an interview with Colombia newspaper El Tiempo, and fans took her statement the wrong way. After being asked if she even underwent the knife she said, “Definitely not for my breasts. For my nose, maybe.”

The Colombia pop star also revealed that she did, in fact, visit a plastic surgeon for a consultation on her nose, but never went through with getting surgery. However, rumors quickly swirled that she did get a nose job, and the bold statement led Shakira to clap back at the claims.

Keep scrolling to see her pH๏τos throughout the years!

The only reason we know this is a throwback picture is because of the wardrobe, but besides that, we would have thought this was a picture from the present.

A natural beauty with a luring smile.

Shakira is the only artist to perform with natural makeup and hair while still being the most beautiful person in the room.

A glowing momma-to-be with her son, Milan.

This is our face as we’re noticing she seriously has not aged a bit.

In conclusion, stick with a top-notch skincare routine and glow like Shakira, Shakira!