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SAU.”Feeling Unnoticed: No Wishes or Greetings on My First Birthday, Is It Because I’m Ugly?”.SAU




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Why doesn’t anyone congratulate me? Is it because I’m ugly? Those words reverberate in my mind like a persistent echo. I remember the times I was told that I wasn’t handsome enough, that my appearance didn’t meet society’s beauty standards. Could it be true that the lack of recognition on my birthday is due to my appearance?

I feel overwhelmed by doubt and insecurity. Does it really matter how I look? Is my value as a person determined by my physical appearance? Tears threaten to blur my eyes as they struggle to escape. I feel vulnerable, exposed to the critical gaze of the world.

However, in the midst of my emotional torment, an inner voice begins to whisper words of comfort. I remember the people who really matter in my life, those who love me for who I am, not how I look. It’s those genuine connections that give meaning to my existence, not the superficial approval of strangers on social media.

I decide to turn off my phone and stay away from the flashing screens that only feed my anxiety. I go for a walk, allowing the fresh air to caress my face and clear my mind of negative thoughts. As I walk, I observe the people around me and realize the diversity of shapes, sizes and colors that make up human beauty.

I stop in front of a mirror in a shop window and meet my reflection. For a moment, I allow myself to see beyond the physical features and delve into the depths of my being. I recognize the strength, kindness and perseverance that reside within me, qualities that go beyond any standard of superficial beauty.

I return home with a new perspective. I open my heart to the possibility that my birthday is not about the number of likes I receive online, but about gratitude for being alive and surrounded by genuine love. I decide to celebrate this special day in the most authentic way possible, with gratitude for everything I am and everything I have.

Little by little, the darkness of self-doubt begins to dissipate, replaced by the radiant light of self-love and acceptance. Although the digital world can be cruel and superficial at times, I know that my worth as a person is not measured in clicks or hearts, but in the depth of my heart and the brightness of my soul.