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On a farm in northeastern Croatia, an eight-legged goat was born.

Zoran Paparic’s goat Sarka gave birth to the kid that also has male and female reproductive organs on his farm in Kυtjevo.

Local veterinarians told Mr. Paparic that the young goat’s extra legs were caused by an underdeveloped twin brother.Octogoat: eight-legged boy 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 on a Croatian farm |  The Independent |  The independent

Octogoat: Proud farmer Zoran Paparic from Kυtjevo, Croatia holds the eight-legged miracle goat

Mr Paparic claims he thought he was seeing things when he realized Sarka had given birth to the disfigured child between two Healthy newborn goats.

‘I counted his legs and thought I was seeing things. So I called my neighbor to make sure I’m not crazy.’

Mr Paparic describes the as-yet-unnamed ‘octocabrio’ as a ‘miracle of nature’ and says he would like to keep the boy if he survives.

Billy the squid: the eight-legged 'octogoat' boy is 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 on a Croatian farm |  daily mail online

Double trouble: Mr Paparic calls so-called baby goat a ‘miracle of nature’ but says vets don’t think it will surviveWhat's the deal with Octogoat?  - Out of line

Hello world: Baby goat also has male and female reproductive organs according to the farmer.¡En serio! La Cabra BaƄy Tiene Ocho Patas - ABC News

‘Miracle’: Baby goat’s extra legs are the result of an underdeveloped twin

Veterinarians say the goat is unlikely to survive, but if it survives the first week, it could live for two to three years, Paparic told InSerbia.

Everything is double with him. Sarka, who I have had for three years, gave birth to a miracle of nature. This is his fourth time and he always has triplets.’

‘He is trying to stand up, but lacks strength.’

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Prized Possession: Zoran Paparic says he hopes the boy survives so he can keep his new exotic Pet.