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Russian witnesses reported seeing 23-foot-tall alien beings emerging from a UFO




It looks like an extraterrestrial spacecraft has been found in Krasnodar, Russia. Local media in Russia said the ship had been attacked by several huge creatures, and the story quickly went viral there.

The incident took place near the Vodniki community. Some residents called the police around 4 am. to report witnessing a strange item drop in the woods near their homes. Seven giants, they claimed, all wearing silver clothing, descended from the spacecraft.

Immediately after the incident, the police were called to the scene to launch an investigation. Some witnesses helped them, pointing out the place where the ship landed.

The witnesses are all in good Health and show no signs of having used alcohol or any other drugs that might have affected their judgement.

Despite this, the police were unable to find any evidence that would reveal more details about the incident.

Finally, the police would have requested that the information be registered with higher authorities for further investigation, according to national vehicles.