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rin Cardi B’s Remarkable Achievement: Winning Songwriter of the Year for Second Consecutive Year in Spectacular Fashion




Famous female rapper Cardi B made the audience admire her for winning the important ASCAP Rhythm & Soul award two years in a row at a very young age.


According to Variety, Cardi B won Songwriter of the Year at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards held from July 15-17 (presented by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Producers). This is the second consecutive year Cardi B has won this award (the first time was in 2019).

The famous female rapper won thanks to the iNFLuence of the music products she participated in such as Going Bad, Before I Let Go, Hot Girl Summer, My Type….

Cardi B is happy on the podium receiving the 2019 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul award

In 2019, Cardi B won the Musician of the Year award for the first time at ASCAP Rhythm & Soul, creating a wave of controversy among the music listening community around the world . A part of the audience said they are happy for the success that Cardi B has achieved even though her career is still quite young, especially in the rap music industry that seems to be reserved only for men. However, another group doubts the fairness of the award as Cardi B’s ability to write her own music is still controversial.

“When the world is going through a tough time, we have to try to give hope and bounce back with a better vision for the future. That’s the power of music,” ASCAP Awards President Paul Williams said in a video introducing the 2020 awards criteria. “I believe that music has the power to lift the spirit, move hearts, move minds, and inspire real change.”

Cardi B was born in 1992. She is one of the most successful female rappers in the world today with countless hits leading major music charts. Cardi B is famous for her strong, straightforward personality, often bringing stories from her personal life to current society into her music products and expressing them in a satirical, liberal rap style. mineral. The female rapper also always tries to use her iNFLuence to speak up against painful social issues.

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