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Maximizing Opportunity Amidst A Changing Global Economic Climate: Margex Analyst




Recession, war, rising inflation—history has shown that these conditions consistently reappear, and when they do, they signal a systematic change in the global economy. With dramatic change comes risk, fear, and volatility. According to Ray Dalio, every 100 years or so, situations where the hegemony of a global superpower comes to an end always create new beginnings, and therefore, opportunities abound.

After the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the Great Depression, and two World Wars, what came of the disaster was the birth of a booming stock market and the Information Age that ultimately resulted in computers, smartphones, and the internet. Although global markets are explosive and confusing due to ongoing conflict, rising interest rates, currency debasement, and more, we could be on the cusp of a new once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

AI is already one example of how life will change forever. But it’s not the only one. Cryptocurrencies, too, will play a critical role in the future. Investors globally recognize this shift, relying less on storing the US Dollar and increasingly seeking borderless assets, such as cryptocurrencies. 

The acceptance of this asset class is also rapidly growing, as evident by the approval of several spot Bitcoin ETFs. This is a clear sign that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and investing in them now could be a smart move for your future financial security.

Despite recent growth and adoption in crypto, the nascent asset class is only a fraction of what it will ultimately become. For example, the Cryptocurrency market is valued at a combined $2.1 trillion. This is the same current valuation as that of one company: NVIDIA. Apple and Microsoft are worth more at $2.6 trillion and $3 trillion, respectively. Gold is worth over $16 trillion today.

These figures are just a glimpse of what could eventually occur in the crypto market. If this sounds unimaginable, those scared following the Great Depression and World Wars wouldn’t have anticipated the decades of prosperity that immediately followed.

The same fear could prevent those scared today from potentially participating in what becomes a thriving crypto market—much like in the past; the stock market was shunned for this very reason. Avoid missing out on the opportunities ahead and skip out on the fear by leveraging the experience of experts through copy trading.

Copy Trading and the Mechanism Behind It

Copy trading is a new feature available in the cryptocurrency space that allows users with no trading experience to replicate the trades and strategies of other experienced traders on the same platform. 

Experienced traders share their portfolios and return on equity (ROE) with their followers to enable them to adapt a strategy for copying these trades. This gives cryptocurrency novice traders a glimpse of potentially proven traders, as they do not need to analyze trades or develop their own trading strategies. 

With the emergence of institutions and big players in the cryptocurrency space due to the Bitcoin spot ETF, copy trading has become a big advantage for investors as they look to maximize returns while paying attention to other aspects of trading that interest them. 

Despite global changes, banks and institutions have all spoken about creating digital national currencies to boost the interaction of digital currencies by retailers, as the use of fiat currencies has declined significantly in the past decade. 

These have highlighted a shift and mass adoption of digital assets, including the crypto space. Developing and exploring better trading strategies will foster profitability for many looking to tap the potentials of the cryptocurrency market. 

Copy Trading Records Over 93% Success Rate Than Spot Trades

There has been a surge in derivative trading in the crypto market over the past few months due to retailers’ high demand for copy trading as shown from the data above. This requires little to no trading experience with a good ROE on assets compared to manual trading of digital assets.

The fast-growing derivative market has created a need for more automation, with AI algorithms shaping the financial market and enhancing the trading experience. According to CCData, in April, copy trading drove the volume of crypto derivatives by 77%, with over $2.13 trillion invested in copy trading. 

Notably, users in 2024 have a stronger inclination towards copy trading than in the past when users entrusted their trading to experienced traders and brokers to trade and remit profit to them. With market changes and economic iNFLuences, this type of trading is more accepted now than manual trading.

The leaderboard shows astronomical gains by users and experienced traders, highlighting the potential copy trading has had over the past few months. This could be a Game changer for many users leveraging this trading strategy for either medium—or long-term investment.

How To Explore Crypto Assets Without Any Experience 

Trading requires experience and practical skills. These skills often require years of practice and honing to mastery. 

The most successful traders have been in the crypto space for at least five years, acquiring technical, fundamental, and macroeconomic skills to stay ahead of market trends. It is nearly impossible for users looking to invest to quickly attain such fluency and mastery.

The copy trading strategy bridges the gap between experienced and users as this automated form of trading becomes a tool with many advantages in the dynamic market. 

This is another form of trading that gives users endless opportunities to make good profit returns by investing in digital assets with little knowledge of the space. 

Crypto Investing

Cryptocurrency investing and other financial markets provide enormous opportunities for traders to earn high returns on investments while holding digital assets with good use cases.

Although this form of trading has been adopted by many, it requires basic trading knowledge. Exponential profit return on investment requires a solid knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis of digital assets and their use cases. 

Cryptocurrency investment has a great upside potential but also possesses a downside for new and inexperienced traders.

  1. High risk, high rewards – There are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the market today, providing limitless opportunities for traders looking to invest in different tokens with high rewards within a short time. Prices of digital assets are driven by demand and use cases surrounding them. With supply and demand dynamics in play for such digital assets, there is a high-profit return for many investors. 
  2. Secure and fast mode of payment – Key features of investing in digital assets are linked to the currencies themselves, as they are a good way for fast transactions on the blockchain with high-security measures compared to traditional financial institutions, which have limitations to cross-border payment systems.

Disadvantages of investing into cryptocurrencies include the following;

  1. Understanding cryptocurrency takes time and effort – Becoming an expert trader takes years and consistent practice as the concepts of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trends and adapting to new technologies can perplex beginners.
  2. Extremely volatile investment – While the price of cryptocurrencies can rally to unimaginable highs, they can also fall to terrifying lows quickly. Without proper market orientation, it becomes difficult for many traders to remain profitable.

Copy Trading 

Copy trading, like investing, is a very innovative strategy for trading digital assets that allows people with no trading expertise to automatically replicate or mirror the trades of experienced traders using a trading platform like Margex. 

Upon selecting a trader to copy, all positions are duplicated within the follower’s account, and subsequent trades are initiated automatically. This allows traders to diversify and make profits while gaining better market experience and developing better strategies. 

The pros of copy trading includes the following- 

  1. Easy to use – One of the biggest advantages of copy trading is its ease of adoption for novice and inexperienced traders and investors with little to no trading experience. Considering this key factor, Margex has spent more on copy trading to help traders enjoy the best possible experience when copying crypto assets.
  2. Time Saving – Copy trading strategy remains one of the biggest tools for saving time when trading digital assets as all processes are automated to enable traders to make a profit and replicate the process. 

A key downside to copy trading is that it takes away trading decisions from the copier and requires a constant change of strategy that will allow for better profit return while reducing risk exposure.

Margex Copy Trading Explained 

Margex copy trading is aimed at helping traders recreate successful trades of top-performing traders in the crypto industry with just a few clicks. Margex’s approach to copy trading sets them apart from other trading platforms as they allow copiers to leverage different traders and strategies to become profitable on their copy trades with no extra commissions on successful trades. 

Margex has spent a lot of money and effort ensuring traders, both novice and expert, have a seamless trading experience. Much interest has been placed on the usability of its platform. 

How can you copy the trades of experienced and profitable traders on Margex as a new or beginner trader in just a few steps? 

1. Create an account on Margex or login with your details if you have one

2. Deposit with as little as $10 to start your copy trading journey by clicking on deposit

3. To start following a strategy, click the copy trading page to view the leaderboard and make your decision on which trader you wish to follow

4. Create your strategy, then decide on a strategy you wish to follow depending on the trader’s ability, such as return on equity (ROE), equity size, Percentage equity split among followers, and strategy age of experienced traders

5. Click follow and confirm your decision in the confirmation window while you allocate the amount you wish to use for the strategy and click FOLLOW NOW

Why Margex

Margex, a crypto trading platform, boasts about its robust, modern copy trading platform, which is highly focused on the usability of traders, both beginners and advanced, and offers a wide range of digital assets to trade.

Having spent over $3 million redesigning its platform and adding new features, Margex introduces a zero-fee converter for traders to enhance the swapping of different crypto assets without extra fees. 

Margex also plans to introduce its dynamic crypto wallet for traders, which will further promote a secure and intuitive means of storing digital assets in one place. 

Other advantages of using Margex copy trading arena include:

  • Low entry barrier for as low as $10
  • No trading experience is needed
  • Matching return on equity (ROE)
  • Daily profit withdrawal for all copy traders