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Lakers Planning To Trade Away 4 Players Before End Of Summer




The Los Angeles Lakers’ offseason obviously hasn’t gone as planned. Not only has the front office failed to add the likes of Klay Thompson, Dejounte Murray and Jonas Valanciunas, but it is increasingly looking like no big moves will be made at all.

Yes, L.A. is currently being linked to Lauri Markkanen. But a simple comparison of the Lakers’ best offer for him compared to the Golden State Warriors’ best offer for him makes it clear who will end up acquiring the Utah Jazz star.

So where does that leave LeBron James and Co.? Well, for now, they are taking an inward look at who on the current roster they want to keep and who needs to be moved.

According to Jovan Buha of The Athletic, the Lakers will likely dump at least two players ahead of next season.

“If I had to guess… I look at the Lakers doing some type of 2 player vet minimum salary dump – [Cam] Reddish, [Christian] Wood are names I’ve heard… Jaxson Hayes I think is the guy that the Lakers would like to keep,” he said.

“Trading Wood [and] Reddish attaching second round pick for a team that has cap flexibility to take them on. You create roster spots/cap room. As for the bigger trades, I know the Lakers are being active and aggressive right now. It’s hard to say if one of those is going to happen.”

The Lakers have also made it known that last year’s first round draft pick, Jalen Hood-Schifino, is on the trade block. They’d love to dump him going forward as well.

And then of course there is D’Angelo Russell, who the team is said to be “very close” to trading away imminently.

One way or another, the next few weeks promise to be interesting ones. What sort of squad will the Lakers ultimately trot out when the 2024-25 NBA season tips off? Time will tell.