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Kardashian-Jenner’s Private Chef Reveals Family’s ‘Disciplined’ Diet and ‘Rigid’ Fitness Routine




When they’re not shaking their Health Nut salad, the Kardashian-Jenner family abides by a “disciplined” diet prepared by private chef Khristianne Uy a.k.a. Chef K. That being said, the reality stars have no problem adding an additional workout routine into their schedules to enjoy their favorite savory eats.

“As far as their diet goes, they’re really disciplined,” Chef K, 42, told Page Six in an article published on Wednesday, January 25. The Celebrity culinary artist has worked with Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner and currently serves as the family’s private events caterer.

“Let’s just say they have one whole grilled cheese; they’ll make up for it by working out at the gym. They’re really rigid about that,” Chef K explained to the outlet, noting that the Hulu stars don’t ​consume a “bushel of grilled cheeses” on their “cheat meals.”

Chef K is responsible for preparing the Kar-Jenner’s holiday meals on their birthdays, New Year’s, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“I’ve noticed, too, when holidays hit, I mean, come on, no one’s trying to slim away. So, they do have their pasta, they’ll have their cheeses, they’ll have their breads, too,” she revealed. “But they’re all so active with their walks in the mornings and their gym routines.”

Chef K has brought the family together for almost one decade with her edible creations and has learned each of the A-lister’s dietary restrictions along the way.

“Kourtney: depends on what the doctor says — no eggs, vegan now, no sweet potatoes, no gluten. Khloé: chicken, only white meat,” she told The New York Times in August 2022. “Scott [Disick]: no dairy. “The kids: I memorize their dietary restrictions too. Kendall: nothing spicy. Kim: no cilantro. Kylie: soup all the time.”

Chef K often shares her work on her Instagram page and also has Highlight tabs that showcase past events ​where she worked with The Kardashians stars.

“Hey, you guys. I’m with my favorite chef, Chef K, who treated my son’s first birthday as if we were in outer space,” Khloé, 39, said in an August 2023 Instagram video alongside the chef as they celebrated son Tatum Thompson’s first birthday.

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Remember Kourtney, 44, and Travis Barker’s rockin’ gender reveal party for son Rocky Thirteen in June 2023? Well, Chef K was behind the event’s tasty treats like crispy lumpia, Asian-inspired noodles, nachos, gyros and, of course, the gender reveal cake!

“Had the honor to cook for the beautiful @kourtneykardash & @travisbarker at their gender reveal a few days ago,” Chef K captioned her July 2023 Instagram post.