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Jordon Hudson, 23, subtly defends her controversial relationship with Bill Belichick, 72: ‘Who are you to judge?’




Jordon Hudson has remained mum on the backlash surrounding her nearly 50-year age gap with boyfriend Bill Belichick — until now.

The 23-year-old cheerleader subtly defended her May-December romance with the former New England Patriots head coach, 72, via her personal Facebook on Friday.

When a critic commented under one of her posts, which was visible to the public, “gold digger with an old pedphile [sic] shame on both of you,” another person wrote back, “who are you to judge ?

“She’s a legal adult last I checked 21 you become an adult. What is it then ?”

Jordon Hudson.
Jordon Hudson subtly defended her relationship with Bill Belichick via social media.
Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson.
It was revealed just last week that the 23-year-old is dating the 72-year-old former NFL coach.

The defender added, “Are you jealous because you haven’t accomplished anything in life , and feel a need to insult someone you don’t even know.”

The person continued, “The reason people like you get away with making disparaging comments is because you probably won’t be called out on it in person , where if the playing field was fair you would catch a slap like you deserve.”

Hudson “liked” her defender’s remarks by selecting the social media platform’s heart emoji option.

Jordon Hudson walking on stairs.
Hudson has been called many names for her May-December romance, including “gold digger.” Jordon Hudson/Instagram
A comment on Jordon Hudson's Facebook page.
She “liked” a Facebook comment that defended her and pointed out she is a “legal adult.” Facebook

The quiet gesture is the only reaction she’s had at this point to the public’s response to her controversial relationship, which was first made public last week.

TMZ reported on June 14 that Hudson had been quietly dating Belichick since 2022, shortly after he broke up with his on-again, off-again girlfriend of more than 10 years, Linda Holliday.

The pair reportedly first met, though, in 2021 when they happened to be on a flight from Florida to Boston together, at which point Belicheck allegedly signed the then-college student’s textbook with his autograph.

Since the romance was outed, many talking heads have had negative things to say about the couple.

Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson with a friend on a boat.
Belichick and Hudson have reportedly been dating since 2022. Alojzije Jankovic/Instagram
Bill Belichick at a podium.
The ex-New England Patriots coach has not commented on the attention his relationship has received. AFP via Getty Images

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, who is a longtime Patriots fan, commented, “Yikes. Ew. Wow” when he first learned of the relationship.

Joy Behar joked on “The View” that there’s “only so much Viagra in the world” to keep Hudson satisfied.

The comedian, 81, also quipped on the daytime talk show, “This girl is hearing wedding bells, but the question is: Can he hear them?”

However, there has been at least one person to come to Hudson and Belichick’s defense — her 64-year-old ex-boyfriend.

A selfie of Jordon Hudson and Joshua Zuckerman.
Hudson dated another much-older man prior to her romance with Belichick. Instagram
Jordon Hudson.
Her ex claimed she is “wise beyond her years.” Instagram / @jordon_isabella

Joshua L. Zuckerman, who dated the pageant queen just before the former NFL coach, told TMZ Saturday that his ex is “wise beyond her years.”

The businessman added in response to the backlash, “To be honest, I wish these internet trolls and paparazzi would leave her alone — and everyone else alone — and let them live their lives.”

Hudson did not immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.