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How much money is Anthony Kim making with LIV Golf? Will he have to pay back his insurance payout?




The Golf world is buzzing with intrigue as Anthony Kim, the enigmatic Golfer who vanished from professional play over a decade ago, makes a surprising comeback with LIV Golf. His return raises questions about finances, insurance, and the allure of the greens.

LIV Golf commissioner Greg Norman made the official announcement. Kim’s return after more than a decade has left fans intrigued and curious about the financial aspects of his return and what this means about the alleged insurance policy and the whole conspiracy behind his departure

How much money will Anthony Kim receive from his LIV contract?

Anthony Kim has signed a lucrative deal with LIV Golf, potentially earning him a $5 million to $7.5 million signing bonus. His status is temporary, secured via a wild card, but there’s a chance he could earn an extension and even a spot on one of the 13 teams.

Will Anthony Kim have to pay his insurance policy back?

Kim has a $10 million insurance policy against a career-ending injury. However, one condition is that he won’t return to play professionally. Fans have speculated whether Kim might face charges of fraud upon his return to the golf scene. The exact details of his agreement with the insurance provider remain undisclosed.

As Anthony Kim tees off in the upcoming LIV Golf events, he’s guaranteed a combined paycheck of at least $150,000. Whether he’ll continue to defy expectations or cash in on that insurance policy remains a captivating mystery.