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Heartwarming Transformation: ‘Saddest’ Shelter Dog Finds Joy, Picks Out a Toy, and Plays with Abandon When No One Is Watching




Holly was a scared shelter dog whose trauma dictated her every move. When people approached her kennel, she was too afraid to greet them. All the other shelter dogs barked at the bars, craving attention, but not Holly. When Janae arrived to meet the pup, the shelter workers claimed she was “not adoptable from their perspective.” They may have given up on Holly, but Janae refused to!

Janae wanted to bring Holly out in the yard to see how she behaved. The pup was so afraid that she needed to be picked up and carried outside. But once there, the dog transformed! She ran around and tried to befriend another dog on the other side of the gate.

Because the shelter was so overcrowded, Holly was in danger of being put down. Janae couldn’t imagine leaving her to face that fate, so she brought her home to foster her. They stopped at a Pet store, where Holly received her first toy, then headed home.

Janae set up her phone and gave Holly some space. As soon as Janae left the kitchen, the pup played with her green octopus like it was the greatest thing on earth! Once Holly saw the footage, she knew she made the right decision.

The story continues and can’t be missed! We adore Holly, as well as her foster family. Thank you to Janae and her husband for giving her the perfect foster home!