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Heart-wrenching Moment a Lioness Realizes the Antelope She Hunted Was Pregnant, Sparking an Unexpected Reaction




These are the shocking pictures that show that nature is brutal – but also profoundly moving.

A lioness made a big kill but got remorseful. After realizing the antelope she had killed was pregnant, the lioness removed the unborn calf and tried to shake it back to life.

After realising an antelope she has killed was pregnant, a lioness removes the unborn calf, tries to nudge it back to life and even protects and hides it as if it is her own cub.

The lioness even seems to show regret for her actions and the pictures will spark a debate about the awareness of Animals.

Guilty: The lioness removes the unborn antelope, and appears bashful at killing a baby

The remarkable sequence of photos were captured by conservationist and reserve ranger Gerry Van Der Walt.

Would a predator avoid killing a baby animal because it found it cute? - Quora

The party had been Travelling through the Madikwe Game Reserve, in South Africa, early this year when they came across the predator and a dead Red Hartebeest antelope.

He and a group of visitors spotted the big cat just moments after she had made her kill and expected to witness nothing more than a simple feeding.

Lioness discovers deer she ate was pregnant – her next move is incredible

‘I have seen a lion kill where the prey was pregnant but normally they would just carry on feeding as if nothing was wrong.

‘But this time the scenes that followed had us all dumbstruck.

‘Once out of the mother the lioness very gently placed the foetus on the floor and spent quite a bit of time smelling and investigating the unborn Hartebeest.

The lioness stopped feeding, tried again to nudge the fetus, had a troubled nap, then dragged the fetus to a bush before slinking away

‘Her body language was strange for a lioness in her situation and it seemed that she was clearly perturbed by what had just happened and kept on looking around as if to look for help.