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Encounters with strange beings that materialize in the ruins of Guam




In practically all parts of the world there are countless unusual stories regarding Mysterious beings whose origin is unknown to experts. Even so, despite the fact that the scientific community is not interested in answering all these questions, there are many enthusiasts who want to know more about these enigmas.
There is talk of a place found in Guam where so-called zombie spirits are said to be present. These would appear to take form near A̳n̳c̳i̳e̳n̳t̳ ruins and would presumably provide some sort of hex to the area. The local inhabitants, the Chamorro, are aw̳a̳r̳e of this.
When scholars arrived on Guam in 1998, they heard about the local folklore and decided to research it; This is how they decided to go to the ruins where the Taotaomo-na live, a spirit that did not show any activity in all the time until someone lit a nearby fire. Once lit, a strong wind suddenly began to blow and the earth shook as if something was coming out of there.
Due to limited time, the French Travelers had to end their adventure and return to their country. After this experience, they told in various media about the evil beings they found in Guam. These creepy entities were identified as zombies that lived there.
However, the story did not stop there.
It is reported that, in 2006, at a Military base in Guam, soldiers reported the presence of what they believed to be some zombie spirits. These figures entered the camp at night and were described as having signs of decomposition and a bad smell. Despite the army\’s attempts to avoid any danger, the entities tried to attack. Finally, to control the situation, the soldiers fired at them. This is how the end of this episode finally came.
A couple of years ago, a small group of tourists Traveled to a Mysterious place in New Zealand to experience mystical scenes. They made camp and lit their fire, watching as the earth moved violently in response to the fire. Of the six who had gone, only five managed to get out of there alive; the last person was dragged down by many nameless gray hands.
The people who have passed through the place say that it is very scary, they all affirm that when they got scared and ran away, they felt like their flesh was being torn with something sharp. The question of what strange phenomenon happens in these ruins is still a Mysterious topic for people; There are those who see these stories only as horror stories, while others believe that the inhabitants of Guam are zombie spirits.