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Closing Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ultimania Hints at Aerith’s Potential Survival




Followers of Closing Fantasy 7 Rebirth are nonetheless discussing the sport’s ending and Aerith’s destiny. Though the scene appears to point out her dying by the hands of Sephiroth, different elements add complexity. In different phrases, she’s not useless, not less than not confirmed to be useless. The builders themselves have made certain to clear up the confusion in regards to the ending.

Spoilers forward. The most recent replace from the Closing Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ultimania guidebook, a ebook on the event of the sport. It spoke in regards to the ending and the way complicated it was round Aerith’s destiny. Though the guidebook doesn’t provide clear solutions, it does acknowledge the various views on what could have occurred to Aerith.

After Aerith’s obvious demise, Cloud interacts together with her within the sport whereas the opposite celebration members mourn her loss. The Ultimania confirms this distinction, noting that the celebration fights the ultimate boss with a full Restrict Break gauge, exhibiting their anger and grief, whereas Cloud’s meter stays incomplete. The celebration additionally visits Aerith’s authentic resting place, additional emphasizing their notion of her absence.

The Ultimania doesn’t definitively affirm Aerith’s state, leaving it open whether or not she’s alive, a ghost, or a product of Cloud’s creativeness. The presence of Zack Truthful in Rebirth’s story and the “cracks within the sky” counsel the opportunity of alternate timelines or a multiverse. Mainly, this model of the sport might be an alternate to the unique, so we could have seen her loss of life within the different, and she or he could have survived this one.

Fan theories counsel that Cloud’s actions saved Aerith, making a cut up timeline, or that her lingering spirit one way or the other iNFLuenced occasions. The Ultimania doesn’t formally endorse these interpretations.

Sq. Enix deliberately deliberate the absence of clear solutions, as the event workforce has acknowledged previously. Plainly they goal to create an air of secrecy and curiosity round Aerith’s future, preserving Gamers concerned and speculating till the final a part of the trilogy is out.