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Bluesky posts are finally visible to non-logged in users




Even though Bluesky is still an invite-only app and a decentralised alternative to Twitter and Mastodon, users won't have to be logged in to see posts on the platform, according to Bluesky CEO Jay Graber.

In a blog post, Graber explained that Bluesky users can still opt to not have their posts displayed to others not logged in to their account with a toggle. He notes that “other apps may not honor this request” and that the toggle won't make your account private. He added that “posts on Bluesky have always been public via developer tooling and other apps.”

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An image of Bluesky’s new logo.

“Bluesky is an open and public network,” Bluesky says in a note under the toggle on the platform. “This setting only limits the visibility of your content on the Bluesky app and website, and other apps may not respect this setting.”

The Twitter competitor has also redesigned its logo to a butterfly from a blue sky with clouds. Graber comments that “early on, we noticed that people were organically using the butterfly emoji 🦋 to indicate their Bluesky handles. The butterfly speaks to our mission of transforming social media into something new.”