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BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ becomes the first Asian to grace the cover of ‘Mastermind’ magazine




Through its official accounts, the magazine shared the news where we can see Rosé with spectacular pH๏τos.According to the website, “Mastermind Magazine is a bi-annual cultural review founded in 2017 by Marie-Amélie Sauvé and Brune Buonomano.

Authoritative, probing and luxurious, the magazine is structured in chapters, offering detailed perspectives on the issues and people shaping our time. Featuring images by the world’s greatest pH๏τographers and writing by today’s pre-eminent authors and journalists

Mastermind is a collectable designed to last, inviting readers to discover the world in new, illuminating ways.”BLINKS, upon hearing the news, did not hesitate to express their love for Rosé again through social networks.