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Blackpink Jennie can’t hold back her Christmas joy




Blackpink Jennie shares cute adorable pictures on her social media handle to share pictures from her Christmas Eve ‘me time’, here take a look at the pictures

Blackpink is one of the leading K-pop girl bands. Known for their amazing singles and solos, the quartet band has earned immense love all across the globe. Each of the members, Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa have earned their own separate faNBAses. Given that, Jennie has now left her fans all awed with her super cute Christmas Eve pictures, as she can’t hold back her joy for the big day.

In the picture, we can see Blackpink Jennie wearing a gorgeous striped blue off-shoulder outfit. The top featured a front zipper. The actress further decked the look with wavy hairdo, keeping her bangs in front. In the pictures, Jennie posed with her cubed little lip balm. Sharing the pictures, she wrote, “Christmas Very Soon” in the caption.

Another one added, “Jennie there are lots of people who loves you around the world. We wanted you to know that you are an inspiration for lots of us. You are a strong, talented and beautiful person from inside and outside. We trust you, we support you, WE WILL STAY WITH YOU.” A fan continued, “As your Jennieee fans, we are always with you. We will always support you on your sad or happy day. Do not forget that you have your fans behind our strong girl. We will be with you. We love you jennie for who you are. We will be here to respect your every move and show our love. Good luck my beautiful girl. We love you our queen”