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Blackpink’s Jennie has a new ‘high pressure’ game that she has been obsessed with; can you guess?




Gamer Jennie has got to be our absolute favourite! And nope, it’s not Fortnite or PUBG she has been obsessed with lately. This new high-pressure Game of hers is so tough, that she has only ever gone through three levels of it to date. Curious? Find out which Game has been keeping the Blackpink beauty up nowadays.

Turns out, the answer is in her new vlog. Jennie recently updated her youtube channel with a new vlog from her Hera pH๏τoshoot. While getting her hair done, she couldn’t help but be drawn towards her latest source of fascination.That being the cat’s paw Game! At one point while sitting on her makeup chair, the SOLO crooner asked whether she could have the Game and revealed that she has been into it nowadays. After being immersed into the Game for the first two levels, she, unfortunately, lost the third one due to ‘feeling the pressure’.

Meanwhile, when it comes to new music, Blinks would be excited to know that Jennie herself confirmed that Blackpink is currently working on their new project. Of course, the singer couldn’t give any spoilers but it sure must have pacified their millions of fans who have been raging over Blackpink’s inactivity for over a year.