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B83. Enter Damian Lillard’s mansion, a testament to love and generosity, purchased for his wife after she gave birth to twins. Discover a luxury paradise tailor-made for their growing family.




Damian Lillard was the longstanding representative of the Portland Trail Blazers prior to his blockbuster trade with the Milwaukee Bucks prior to the 2023-24 season. Following a season in which he averaged 32.2 points per Game, Lillard, who has been a seven-time All-Star for the past eleven seasons, is still regarded as one of the greatest guards in the NBA at this time.

Have you ever pondered, given Lillard’s seemingly limitless range, how the seven-time All-Star lives? That no longer is a mystеry. This article describes the $7 million residence of Damian Lillard in West Linn, Oregon.

Following his Rookie of the Year achievement, Lillard made it effortless for the Blazers franchise to identify him as their pillar ever since his entry into the NBA. Subsequently, Lillard has solidified his position as a preeminent guard within the NBA. The Blazers acquired his services in 2015 through the execution of a financially advantageous five-year contract extension valued at $120 million. Following the signing of the contract, Lillard settled into Oregon without difficulty by purchasing a luxurious property in West Linn for $2.8 million from the Blazers star. Presently, that residence is being offered for purchаse at a price of $7 million.






The residential area of Lillard’s mansion is 15,000 square feet. Five bedrooms and twelve bathrooms are included. In addition, the mansion features a movie theater, an indoor hоt spring, and a living room featuring a fireplace. Lillard possesses a number of outdoor areas beyond his residence, such as a Tennis court and swimming pool.

The Blazers icon has never been reticent to flaunt his opulent residence. Indeed, basketball and music enthusiasts caught a glimpse of Lillard’s residence during the principal filming of the music video for his composition Goat Spirit.

Despite repeated playoff failures and subsequent speculations of Lillard defecting to another NBA team, he remained devoted to the Blazers organization by signing a substantial two-year contract extension valued at $225 million. Loyalties are subject to change, but the financial investment is assured.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Lillard is worth $100 million. In addition to his substantial NBA salaries, Lillard supplementes his income with several endorsement agreements and a burgeoning rapping career. Lillard can therefore undoubtedly afford to lead an extravagant lifestyle.