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A luxurious, nuclear-powered flying hotel won’t be concerned about landing in the middle of nowhere




A CGI video details the concept of an AI-driven Sky Cruise hotel-plane model that can stay airborne for months, and land to pick up passengers anywhere.

This futuristic combination of plane and hotel has up to 20 electric motors powered by nuclear fusion and is designed to be able to fly without landing. The person who came up with the idea said that the plane will not emit carbon emissions. Theoretically, this flying hotel will never run out of fuel and can stay in the air for several years without touching the ground.

Hashem Alghaili, who created an extremely detailed simulation of this interesting aircraft, said that nuclear-powered sky travel “could be the future of transportation”.

Designed to operate 24/7, Alghaili even adds that repairs will be carried out on-board, which is unprecedented in the aviation industry.

When asked how many people it would take to fly this huge plane, he said: “With all this technology and you still want a pilot? I believe it’s completely autonomous.”

Even though there is a plan for an unmanned trip, Sky Cruise will still require personal onboarding staff to serve passengers.

The extremely detailed video also promises accompanying amenities such as restaurants, bars, children’s playgrounds, cinemas, huge shopping malls, gyms, theaters and even a lake. swim right on this plane.

The promotional clip also promises that the plane will become an extremely interesting wedding venue, but of course if you are brave enough. Sky Cruise also provides a panoramic hall with a breathtaking 360-degree view of the outside, so it will also be an interesting meeting place.

Of course, this hotel has an elevator to transport passengers between floors.

However, despite these great benefits, there are many people who are still skeptical about the idea of this flying hotel, especially about its design.

The giant plane will have problems taking off because its shape is far from aerodynamics. In addition, its weight is also a concern. If a plane powered by a nuclear reactor fails, it can destroy an entire city.

One worried passenger said: “What a great idea to put a nuclear reactor in something that could malfunction and fall out of the sky.” Another commenter shared: “That thing is huge, it must be at least 20 times bigger than any commercial airliner. I can’t even imagine maintaining something as huge as that. That’s not to mention the potential danger of a nuclear-powered plane going down.”

Development and rental costs are also another concern. Some predict such a trip will cost a lot of money. Although this is an interesting idea and it is possible to build it with current technology but this thing will be super expensive and surely only the rich can book this hotel.

However, there are many people who want to be the first to set foot on this flying hotel. One cheerfully said: “How fun. It’s like someone got into a time machine, Traveling to the year 2070.”

Or another comment expressed equally enjoyment: “I prefer a nuclear spacecraft because space will be much bigger but nevertheless, the creativity behind the idea is amazing and I hope one day That’s what the planners will do.”

While many have pinned their hopes on the giant hotel, Sky Cruise is still an idea of the distant future. Even if an aircraft like this is built early, there are still many problems that engineers and scientists need to solve, especially safety.

Readers can watch the concept video of the Sky Cruise flying hotel below.

Concept video of Sky Cruise flying hotel