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  5 Crazy Conspiracies About Ancient Egypt From the Construction of the Pyramids to the Unusual and Unexpected Ɗeаtһ  of Tutankhamen




Ancient Egypt is a Mysterious time in History, shrouded in the unknown and conspiracies. From the construction of the pyramids to the unusual and untimely death of Tutankhamen, Egypt is littered with lost knowledge that we may never fully understand.

Despite the unknown elements of Ancient Egyptian history, archaeologists have worked tirelessly over the decades and managed to grasp some fascinating evidence about the Ancient Egyptian, their beliefs and their everyday lives. However, some of these findings have been seen as controversial due to their incredible, odd and almost unbelievable nature. Some of these findings have been scrutinised heavily by both history and science, while others have been merely dismissed as fabricated information that fuels conspiracies.

In this article, we will whittle down all of the discussion, speculation and myths surrounding Ancient Egypt to five of the most compelling and reality defying theories. From levitation to being iNFLuenced by an ancient alien race, here are some of the modern world’s most bizarre ideas regarding Ancient Egypt.

5. The Sphinx Of Giza Is The Oldest Structure On EarthWikipediaThere is a surprisingly high amount of evidence to support the notion that The Great Sphinx of Giza is way older than our history books taught us in school.

This theory begins when a researcher named Robert Schoch (remember this name for later) effectively proved that the Sphinx was over 12,000 years old, which goes against the original consensus it was less than 5,000 years old. He did this by analysing the documented history of repairs and references to the Sphinx, while also studying a history of star maps that would have helped the Ancient Egyptians to build the sphinx.

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However, this breakthrough theory (despite its rejection by the historical community) has started a snowball effect of theories about the age of the Sphinx, with some theorists and researchers saying the Sphinx could be as much as 800,000 years old. Of course, if this is true it would completely reshape our understanding of the origin of humanity and how long we have come to exist as a race.

This idea of the Sphinx being 800,000 years old stems from two Ukrainian geologists allegedly finding evidence of coastal rock erosion on the Sphinx caused by water. But, Giza hasn’t been fully submerged in water for over 700,000 years, meaning the rocks must have been damaged by water right at the end of Earth’s last ice age.

The head of the great Sphinx : is it the gateway to a secret city?

Egyptians Used Sonic Sound Waves To Achieve LevitationWikipediaAncient Egyptian theorists and avid conspiracy theorists in general have suggested that sound could be used to achieve immense power when utilised correctly. Although there is no physical evidence to support this from Ancient Egyptian times, the suggestion from conspiracy theorists is that Egyptians were able to use sonic sound waves to manipulate physical objects.

The Science supposedly relating to this is extremely complicated but, is allegedly related to sound waves resonating with objects at the exact right frequency, meaning they can effect the way the object behaves under the force of gravity.

Swedish scientist Olaf Alexanderson said the following:

The knowledge of the various vibrations in the audio range demonstrates to a scientist of physics that a vibrating and condensed sound field can nullify the power of gravitation.Because of this, the Egyptians were apparently able to lift huge objects such as building blocks for the pyramids and place them perfectly. It is also worth mentioning that author Bruce Cathie claimed to witness a similar technique being demonstrated by Tibetan monks during his travels in his book ‘Acoustic Levitation of Stones: Monastery Construction’.

The Great Sphinx of Egypt before restoration efforts, 1850. : r/Archaology

There Is A Secret Room Underneath The Sphinx

For years, a vocal legion of conspiracy theorists believe the Sphinx is guarding information in an underground hidden room that catalogues and narrates human behaviour for thousands of years. They expect it to contain records of earlier civilisations, which according to theorists existed over 13,000 years ago before a huge extinction level event essentially caused the human race to start again from scratch.

Way back in the 600sBC Greek philosopher, Solon, even wrote in detail about a time he claims he went into the secret room underneath the Sphinx with a high priest of Ancient Egypt. This is supposedly where Solon learned of the story of Atlantis, which he eventually passed down to his descendent, Plato. The left paw of the Sphinx is also hollow and some theorists believe that this paw is the entrance to the hidden room that lies beneath.

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Previously mentioned Robert Schoch returns to the fray once again here, as he actually proved there is a man made cavity underneath the Sphinx. During his last visit to the Sphinx in the 1990s, he and his team used sonar scanning devices to monitor the ground under it and showed that there is a rectangular cavity around 30-40 feet. However, as soon as Egyptian authorities discovered what they were doing, Schoch and his associates were thrown off the site and banned from continuing their work.

The Ancient Egyptians Had AircraftMGMThe idea that Ancient Egypt may have somehow possessed incredible futuristic Technology is not a new one. Stemming from the idea of extraterrestrial intervention, this is one of the more controversial theories to appear on this list.

This aircraft theory comes from the discovery of hieroglyphics that appear to depict modern looking boats as well as (and most notably) helicopters and planes. Conspiracy theorists have used this as evidence to prove that the Ancient Egyptians were regularly visited and influenced heavily by an alien race known as the Annunaki. This reptilian like race allegedly visited the Ancient Egyptians and gifted them with phenomenal knowledge on science and mathematics.

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However, the main defence against this theory from experts is the scarce mentioning of said aircraft. If the Ancient Egyptians really did have modern speedboats and helicopters, then surely they would be mentioned in hieroglyphics and scripture much more often. Also, Pharaoh’s would surely want to be buried with aircraft and boat parts, but nothing even remotely similar to these parts has ever been excavated from an Ancient Egyptian tomb.

Aliens Built The Sphinx Of Giza20th Century FoxHaving already discussed the possibilities of a secret room full of ancient records and the potential age of the Sphinx, we now look at rumours as to who built it. There are no markings, carvings or evidence of a name placement on the Sphinx, which is extremely rare for Ancient Egypt, as Pharaoh’s liked to carve their name in history with monuments and hieroglyphic stories. This means we can never be exactly sure who built it or even when.

Following historic star graphs and sky mapping, the Sphinx was found to be built exactly in line with the Leo star constellation, which is rumoured by conspiracy theorists to be the home of the reptilian alien race the Annunaki. The positioning of the Sphinx was calculated perfectly through mathematics and astronomy, but internet theorists state that the Egyptians must have been taught these skills by a superior race. The Egyptian God, Sobek, is even depicted as being a humanoid figure with a reptilian, crocodile-like head.

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Mathematics is viewed as a universal language because no matter what you speak or where you’re from, the sum of an equation won’t change. This concept is broadened to the universe as a whole and theorists think that aliens could use mathematics to communicate with us if the allusive ‘first contact’ is ever made. As a result, the Egyptians having advanced mathematics before their time could be interpreted as evidence of extrateresstrial contact.