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4t.SMÖRGÅSTÅRTA – SWEDISH SANDWICH – extremely simple to make




Smörgåstårta, or Swedish sandwich cake, is a unique and visually appealing dish that is popular in Swedish cuisine. It combines the concept of a sandwich with the presentation of a cake, creating a delightful and savory centerpiece for celebrations and special occasions. Here’s how to make a Smörgåstårta:

Main Ingredients:

  1. Bread:
    • Sliced white or whole grain bread forms the layers of the “cake.”
  2. Fillings:
    • Various savory fillings such as smoked salmon, shrimp, ham, turkey, egg salad, cream cheese, and sliced vegetables like cucumber and lettuce.
  3. Spread:
    • Mayonnaise, sour cream, or cream cheese can be used to moisten the layers.
  4. Garnish:
    • Garnishes like fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, and lemon slices for decoration.
  5. Optional Extras:
    • Dill, chives, or other herbs for added flavor.


  1. Prepare Fillings:
    • Cook and prepare the various fillings such as smoked salmon, shrimp, ham, and egg salad. Ensure they are cooled before assembly.
  2. Trim Bread Slices:
    • Trim the crusts off the bread slices to create a neat and uniform appearance for the layers.
  3. Build Layers:
    • Start with a layer of bread, spread a thin layer of mayonnaise or cream cheese, and add a filling. Repeat with additional layers, alternating between different fillings.
  4. Frosting:
    • Cover the entire “cake” with a thin layer of mayonnaise, sour cream, or cream cheese, acting as the frosting.
  5. Decorate:
    • Garnish the Smörgåstårta with fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, lemon slices, and any other decorative elements you prefer.
  6. Chill:
    • Allow the sandwich cake to chill in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight to allow the flavors to meld.

Flavorful Experience:

  1. Diverse Flavors:
    • The diverse fillings offer a range of flavors, from the smokiness of salmon to the freshness of vegetables.
  2. Textural Contrast:
    • The layers of bread and various fillings provide a satisfying textural contrast.

Cultural Significance:

  1. Celebratory Dish:
    • Smörgåstårta is often served at celebrations and special occasions, reflecting its status as a festive and visually impressive dish.
  2. Creative Culinary Tradition:
    • This dish showcases the creativity and inventiveness in Swedish culinary traditions, blending familiar ingredients in a novel way.


Smörgåstårta is not just a dish; it’s a work of art that celebrates the rich and diverse flavors of Swedish cuisine. Its unique presentation and delicious combination of ingredients make it a standout choice for special gatherings and festive occasions.