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13 Examples Of Celtics Embarrassing Luka Doncic On Defense




The Boston Celtics did what they needed to do through the first two Games of the NBA Finals. They won at home.

Now the series shifts to the Dallas Mavericks’ homecourt, where Luka Doncic and Co. will hope to overcome the 0-2 hole they find themselves in.

The story of the series thus far has been how Doncic is carrying the Mavs on his back and getting zero help from his teammates. Kyrie Irving has earned the brunt of the criticism for this, as evidenced by his brutally honest response to the critique this week.

That said, Doncic deserves some blame as well. Although he has never been particularly good defensively, he has been getting absolutely roasted in the NBA Finals.

A video went viral on Tuesday showing 13 examples of Doncic getting embarrassed by Celtics players on defense.

Reactions poured in immediately?

If the Mavericks have any hope of getting this series back on track, obviously Irving and Co. need to step up offensively and provide some support for Doncic.

But Doncic needs to make tweaks as well. He can’t just keep letting Boston players run roughshod on defense.

Will Doncic and the Mavericks ultimately be able to figure out a way to get this series back on track? Time will tell.

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