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Wiener AI Launches ICO & Raises Over $350K




Wiener AI, a playful crossbreed of meme coin and AI Cryptocurrency, has risen and garnered over $350K of presale investments on its opening day.

The juxtaposition of memes and AI places Wiener AI as a frontrunner in the crypto revolution, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of the industry’s hottest narratives.

In a bid to drastically increase its fan base, the project ushers in generous staking rewards that will be paid out daily, helping holders grow their bags effortlessly.

Hard Cap Not Announced, But the Presale Will Sells Out Fast

The Wiener AI presale will surely be a hot seller, having raised over $350K so far. No predetermined hard cap has been mentioned, but the project’s whitepaper says 30% of the token’s 69 billion total supply is earmarked for the presale.

Another 20% is allocated to staking rewards, 20% to community rewards, 10% to exchange liquidity, and 20% to marketing activities.

Indeed, its high-octane launch signals a bright future, but it also reflects a broader market phenomenon and revelation in crypto marketing strategy.

Revolutionary Tech Packaged in Memes is the Future of Crypto Marketing

Calling on its sausage army to help it become the top dog, Wiener AI extrapolates the forward-thinking approach of contemporary community management.

It appeases two crowds at once by packing groundbreaking AI Technology inside a jovial meme coin. While speaking to the risk-taking, thrill-seeking, degen trader bunch, Wiener AI also appeals to conservative but also profit-hungry and value-seeking traders.

Wiener AI is not the first to pull off this audacious stunt, with Meme AI and Scotty the AI both seeing tremendous success in the same domain recently.

Meme AI regularly trends on CoinMarketCap, while Scotty the AI surged over 100% following its presale.

However, Wiener AI stands out from its predecessors in several ways. First, its playful name and branding capture the contrarian essence of memetic culture.

It also introduces technological innovations, ensuring infinite upgradability and modular capabilities.

Lastly, its staking rewards prime it for lasting success and help offset the volatility typical to meme coins.

Daily Staking Rewards and Hype-Induced Mania

Wiener AI’s staking mechanism is bound to draw a crowd, currently offering approximately a 1,800% APY.

The staking supply will be released over two years, providing Wiener AI with a runway to become the “top dog” on the charts.

That said, the big rewards are only available for early adopters, with the staking APY gradually decreasing as the staking pool grows.

Indeed, this is already injecting a sense of FOMO into the project, but Wiener AI’s tiered presale pricing system exasperates the urgency.

The price will incrementally increase throughout the campaign, providing early buyers with more value for money.

$WAI is currently trading at $0.0007, but the next uptick will occur in one day or when the total raise hits $702K.

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