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Why couldn’t Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce stay together the night before Super Bowl LVIII?




Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, all the talk is about Taylor Swift and her crazy journey to make it to the Game after her concert in Tokyo. She was able to touch down in Los Angeles by Saturday, giving her the chance to spend the night with boyfriend Travis Kelce ahead of his big Game on Sunday. There was just one little problem - the NFL forbids it.

The NFL has a rule that states that players cannot spend the night with their significant other, regardless of if they are playing at home or away. The players sleep in hotels for both home and away games and if the significant other does sleep in the same hotel, it must be in a separate room from the player. The players also have strict curfews the night before games, so Swift didn’t even bother to stay the night in Las Vegas, as she would have landed at a time that would have given her just a few hours to see Kelce at all.

So, after finishing up her Eras Tour concert in Tokyo, Japan, and Traveling 5,500 miles across the world to see Kelce play, Swift opted to stay at her home in LA for the night before heading to Las Vegas today for Super Bowl Sunday on a short, hour-long flight.

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