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Who are Brock Purdy’s parents, siblings, girlfriend? Everything you need to know about the 49ers’ QB




It’s safe to say that the man who Football fans met as “Mr. Irrelevant” after he was drafted in 2022, has since proven himself to be everything but. Indeed, the signal-caller has gone one better than he did last season, by taking his team to the NFL’s biggest Game.

Brock Purdy is focused on the here-and-now

As mentioned before, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Brock Purdy, first came to the attention of the football fraternity after he was selected by the team with the 262nd and final overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, earning him the title of Mr. Irrelevant. Needless to say, a whole lot has happened since then. You may recall, that Purdy was arguably set to secure a spot in the Super Bowl just last season if not for an elbow injury during the NFC championship loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, one season later, the 24-year-old as righted the wrong and has seen his team go a step further. Purdy and the 49ers will now face the team that won it all just a season ago, the Kansas City 49ers, and that’s something he says is his only focus regardless of where he has come from. “I think it’s a funny thing,” Purdy said at the time. “If you’re a fan, or even my family, friends and stuff, it’s funny to laugh about it and joke around with it. For me, I’m looking at it as an opportunity. I got my foot in the door, a team believed in me and now I get my opportunity to go and play football. That’s what I want my career to be. That’s what I want my job to be is to be an NFL quarterback and now I have the opportunity to do so. That’s how I’m looking at it.” Purdy continued, admitting that he does enjoy the role. “From the outside looking in, I guess it’s a funny thing and I’ll embrace the role and have some fun with it for sure, but at the end of the day I’m trying to go and help a team win the Super Bowl. That’s where my mindset is at with it.”

Belief is key and Brock Purdy’s parents knew that

When he started his varsity football career back in 2015 as a sophomore at Perry High School, Purdy didn’t long to turn heads. Indeed, by the time he committed to Iowa State in 2018, he was a three-star prospect and it showed. When he ended his time in college it was to the tune of 12,170 yards and 81 touchdowns. This is all to say that Purdy’s parents knew their son was special and had the potential to be even more so. The question of course is, who are they?

Shawn and Carrie Purdy brought their son up in a highly athletic environment.

A minor league baseball player for the better part of eight seasons, Shawn was and is a pillar in his son’s life. Then, there was their daughter - Brock’s older sister - who played softball for Southeastern University, not to mention younger brother Chubba who was a starting quarterback at Perry before switching to Florida State where he established himself as a dual-threat quarterback. Speaking with the media recently, Shawn explained that he pushed his children to be active from a young age. “They didn’t have to play a particular sport. They weren’t pressured to become professionals. But if they did play, they’d give it their all,” he said. Carrie, meanwhile, brought the oomph. Interestingly, it seems like Carrie brought the discipline. “My mom,” Purdy said, “She’s always going to keep everyone on our toes. She brings the energy to the family, so I think I definitely get that kind of trait from her.”

Even when Purdy found himself being picked last in the NFL Draft, his parents didn’t waver in their belief in him. “It just means a lot because throughout my whole life, the ups and downs of playing quarterback in general...they’re the people at home that believe in you and they always see the best in you,” he told CBS back in December 2022 following his first win with the 49ers. “They’ve believed in me even though I was the last draft pick,” Brock said. “They’ve always been telling me, ‘You’re good enough and we know that you can do it.’ And so, to see them after that performance meant a lot to me and [I’m] so very blessed to have them as my family.”

Injury taught Brock Purdy even more about his family

As we mentioned above, Purdy was just one win away from a trip to the Super Bowl last season, but those dreams were brought to an excruciating halt when he suffered a UCL tear in the NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The young QB would later require surgery to repair the damage which is to say, it was a difficult time. Yet, once again, his family was there and his father in particular gave him specific insights having experienced the same injury during his time in the minors. “Being able to ask him and go to him for advice with, ‘Hey man, what do I got to do?’ And the biggest thing he would say is, ‘You got to have patience. There’s a process to this. You can’t overnight, all of the sudden heal up,’” Purdy disclosed.

Jenna Brandt is central in Brock Purdy’s life

What’s life if you can’t share it with someone? That’s something Brock Purdy addressed just last summer when he proposed to his partner, Jenna Brandt, the young woman with whom he has maintained a relationship since they met during their studies at Iowa State. A former setter for the university’s volleyball team, Brandt was studying Kinesiology at the time. A fixture at 49ers games, she has never hidden her support for the man with whom she intends to spend the rest of her life. “The best feeling. God is good - all the time,” she posted on social media following the Niners’ NFC championship game win against the Detroit Lions.